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Castellon It is a small and quiet province of Valencia. Many tourist activities are on the program: natural parks, beaches and hidden coves.

Yet behind the facade of the unflappable place lurk mysteries, horror stories, streets with paranormal accents and locations that could easily inspire a Hollywood film.

This Valencian community has a close relationship with witches, exorcisms, the dead, psychopaths and UFOs. The Cultural Agenda Castellon the paranormal is vast and varied. Today we are going to tell you the best stories that are remembered from generation to generation. The mysteries of Castellón and its streets.

burning witch

Alvar Monferrer, author of a book on the phenomena of Castellón, tells about the time of the witches in the province of Valencia. He points out that although fewer witches were burned than in other communities, Castellón was the epicenter of the practice of black magic and occultism.

the mysteries of castellon and its alleys

It is a reading that we can miss especially if you want to know the paranormal showcase of Castellón.

Las Palma Desert UFOs

The Las Palmas desert is located in the Natural Park of the Province of Castellón. It is one of the protected areas of the Valencian Community.

It was at the center of attention in 1983 when several inhabitants simultaneously denounced the sighting of an unidentified object sailing in the space zone of the Desert of Las Palmas.

They described him as a fusiform-looking object that made irregular movements. This news had the effect of a bomb in the whole province. The streets were flooded with thousands of theories about it. It even reached the media across the country.

According to the authorities, who echoed alleged alien sightingThey did not confirm or disprove any theory. They insisted it may have been an air mission or a spy plane.

Exorcisms of the Balma Sanctuary

Also known as “The Possessed of the Sanctuary of La Balma”, it is the ‘paranormal attraction’ par excellence in the province of Castellón.

This religious sanctuary is located 3 kilometers from the city center. Historically, it was a Renaissance-looking religious enclave.

The entrance looks dark. The chapel and the image of the Virgin of Balma make the hair stand on end.

However, that’s not the scariest thing. This sanctuary is known for its exorcisms. People who claimed to be possessed by a demon went to the Balma Sanctuary to have it expelled.

Under this pretext, a cult was born during the 19th century and the end of the 20th. The pilgrimage evolved into an abode for salvation from so-called diabolical diseases.

For the record, the practices carried out to “demonize” remained: they were tied to a chair with adhesive tape from hands to feet and forced to sing in the hermitage. A terrifying scene.

This case even had his own episode in Fourth Millennium. An essential report.

balma sanctuary

abandoned doll factory

Other paranormal tourist attraction in Castellón is the abandoned doll factory. It is located in the municipality of Segorbe. It is known that he belongs to a local family that was dedicated to the creation of porcelain dolls.

The factory inside is what you’d expect from a building of this nature: clutter, shelves with creepy dolls, heads and limbs torn off, products never finished and left half finished.

Imagine seeing a doll’s torso without a head or legs in the middle of the night. Straight out of a horror movie.

Although it’s a dark picture, it’s not as dark as the legend surrounding the property. It is said that at the start it was a pilgrimage convent where atrocities were committed, such as the murder and execution of nuns. The bodies ended up being dumped in pits that are part of the current factory

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