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The issue of haunted houses that couldn’t be soldit has to do with multiple variables that we will detail in this post.

When you decide to rent cheap apartmentsyou should consider the possible reasons for its value, among which, you should not entertain the idea of ​​possible scams or question any other reason.

We will detail it from open perspectives. welcome

Haunted houses that failed to sell

What’s behind haunted houses?

If we are sensitive to the exercise of not only the body and the mind, we will realize that there is a world beyond the mere physical and that we must be so prepared to battle against him who is not on the physical plane.

Activate our spiritual eyesthrough the spirit of God within us is the key.


There are as many religions as countries. many of them religious tendencies They maintain the worship of gods and the worship of deities, an example of this is Santeria and its derivatives.

The agreement with the blood of animals, causes the spirits to permeate them and also, in a i supernaturalTry to perpetuate yourself there.

The reason why is the complex the spirit world which is before our eyes and which we do not have the sensitivity to see.

If we could see with our spiritual eyes, we would see the ongoing struggles between fallen angels and free angels who do ongoing protective work.

tacit agreements

In the extended family in particular, there is a silent heritage culture not only physical (furniture, money, properties), but also character, temperaments, ideas, lifestyles among others.

Grandmothers or mother declare words that exert a significant influence on their children and thus forms of expression are adopted. unexplained behavior and conduct.

For example, the word of God indicates that “In our mouth is the power to bind or loose and that what we bind on earth will be bound in heaven”

Faced with such a promise, many people behave in life curse or blessing, It is precisely these early forms of declaration that trigger visions for those who can see beyond the physical plane.


There are many people who are called agnostics, these types of people in many cases have had sensory experiences different in nature and from different angles.

To reach this point of skepticism, the person had to experiment with positions that today are contrary to him.

Precisely because of these previous experiences, they opened spirit portals which make him sensitive to the manifestation of entities that are not of light and can perceptibly visualize enchantments on houses

The word of God indicates that “Light does not commune with darkness” therefore, those people who openly acknowledge that they are not in communion with the aspect divine or celestial, they show more apprehension and ease in reacting to these spiritual stimuli.

In another sense, many believers exercised in mindthey also show enough sensitivity to capture the spiritual world in any manifestation, therefore, they use their spiritual weapons to be fought in name above all names… God.

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