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For many centuries, Egypt has been a place of important archaeological discoveries that have allowed us to learn a little more about the ancient world. In the case of the pyramids and other buildings, they generated a great sensation among many spectators. Corn in mummy wrap an enigmatic writing was found.

The religion and devotion of the ancient Egyptians

The beliefs of the Egyptians had a great influence on their way of life, even in various inscriptions and drawings appear worshiping their gods. They also worshiped the forces of nature, an example of which is their worship of river nileThey came to regard him as a deity.

The punishment after death

The act of mummify people that they had died in Egypt was a fairly common procedure among those of high economic status. Those who had no wealth or good position in the kingdom were simply buried in pits.

For many centuries this particular nation believed in the judgment of the dead. It is even said that when they died they were taken away in a boat where his final destination would be in the kingdom of Osiris. In a large hall, they would be condemned by 42 judges.

Fragment of a papyrus from the Book of the Dead. Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Rare mummy on display in New Zealand

The embalmed bodies in better condition have been exhibited in various museums around the world. But one mummy in particular gave a lot to say, since she is wrapped in linen cloth with many writings.

The text unfolds over 40 meters, the material in which it was embodied was extremely expensive. But the most important thing for Egyptians is what is written on this phonea is the Book of the Dead.

Fragments of a famous book

This parchment so appreciated by the Egyptians could have an incalculable monetary value. Why was it so important? It is said that in the Book of the Dead there was a formula so that those who had died could rest in peace in the afterlife.

Usually people had to have this recital to have a chance to pass the trials of Osiris, the god of resurrection. Like they avoided the second deaththat is, hopeless eternal destruction.

Scene from the copy of the Book of the Dead found in a tomb, where it is indicated that the deceased must appear before Osiris, god of the underworld and of the resurrection.

The journey of the souls of the dead

Initially, writing could only have pharaohs, but over time this has changed. This is how the book began to be better known and simpler, it should be noted that there was not only one version of this text, there were several.

However, having this famous handwriting did not guarantee immortality in the afterlife. First, they had to pass a series of tests., puzzles, very dangerous situations and evil beings. To begin with, a priest at the funeral ceremony recited the words from the book.

The powers that the recital gave him

after the prayers the deceased set out on his journey, and he received the power to fight with the gods who would prevent his boat from advancing. The snake Apophis it was one of the worst threats at sea, but with the help of a prayer included in the book, it could be defeated.

The soul of the deceased is judged

One of the last steps was a maze with 7 doors, he had to pronounce the name of each of them with a certain phrase. If his words were correct, he was allowed to move from one level to another.

Finally, he entered a room where he had to confess all his bad deeds in front of Osiris and 42 judges. The final verdict depended entirely than the weight of the heart of the deceased, which was weighed by Anubis. If the weight was equal to that of a feather when the two were placed on a scale, the deceased could pass.

What did the deceased live on after death?

Pass all the tests the dead had to work to earn a living Daily. According to one of the formulas of the book, they were obliged to plow and reap. By accomplishing all these tasks that are normally done on earth, the deceased could have access to an army of servants.

The Egyptian belief was that the deceased needed material things on their journey to the afterlife.

After all the hard work and correct use of the formulas, the rewards would soon come. It would be possible for him to enter and leave the beyond whenever he wanted, drink beers, eat bread and meatIn addition, he received a beautiful plot.

the purpose of the book of the dead he was to serve as a guide for the deceased on his journey to the afterlife. Thus, each text was prepared by scribes for different burials, with a variable quality according to the skill of its author. For this reason, there are many versions on papyrus in long format, but also engravings on tombs and engravings on linen pieces like the one recently found. The texts also included instructions, spells, and passages, the findings of which bring us closer to understanding how the ancient Egyptians conceived of the concept of life and death.

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