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For those who believe in the power of money and physical investments, being a millionaire is therefore a question of material wealth. For those who believe in feelings and practical knowledge, spiritual and intellectual wealth becomes synonymous with billionaires. Everything is therefore relative; therefore, in approaching the subject of the great millionaires of the world, we will dive into some famous names, but always opening the doors of hope to you, who must know what your wealth is and how to profit from it.

And if you haven’t located it yet, see beyond what your eyes allow. One of the mysteries of our planet is that it puts things in front of us and it is when we develop our cerebral and metaphysical riches, it is that we find them and know how to take advantage of them and multiply them.

How these visionaries

Every celebrity you see in the media or witness in person has become a millionaire knowing how to attract money of various flanks; send it back to the world and bring it back with new and better quantities. Know how to spread it, support ideas, projects and causes that they found interesting and which had influence.

Sometimes they succumbed to error, false lights and things out of time. But picking up on old successes, they got back on their feet. It was enough for them to be calm and courageous so that the fact of being considered among the great millionaires of the world did not go to their heads to live in frivolity or the anger that led them to fall psycho-animically.

This tells us that these people knew how to understand their mistakes, not to become greedy with the money they had and “put all your eggs in one basket”which allowed them to maintain their solvency, status and credibility, whatever their projects.

The Great Millionaires of the World

The Great Millionaires of the World

Consider the case of Elon Musk, who seems to live in another world and realizes it in this one, doing and trusting what others do not believe and, therefore, creates a trend. And he continues to make money, even though he is happier fulfilling his dreams.

Similar case of Bill Gateswho ignored much of the world, to build his own.

A recent millionaire, but famous for years, is kim kardashian west, considered one of the richest and most influential women in the world. What he really sold was charisma and chaos, which he was able to capitalize on. What he does is not an example, but turning it into money is.

The musician Bruce Springsteen In 2021, he sold his entire music catalog for over half a billion dollars; Considering the more than one hundred and sixty million dollars he owned, they make him one of the great millionaires in the world thanks to music. In the field of acting, Dwayne The Rock Johnsonenters this list thanks to doing everything he loves, without taboos on where and how, by overcoming divisions, which opens up more markets for him.

Cristina Junquera and Carlos Slim They are the great millionaires of the world that Latin America has given away. And if we were to consider the president of El Salvador as the owner and administrator of more than 700 accumulated bitcoins, we would say that he, Nayib BukeleHe is the richest president in the world. The country, with this amount, is on the verge of entering among the great millionaires of the world in percentage with respect to its number of inhabitants.

How many are there

Although the forbes magazine assures that there are 2,776 major millionaires in the world, it is difficult to really measure how many there are, thanks to the cryptocurrency market, real estate or those who have security groups that do not allow not to reveal their amounts, either for their safety or because it is ill-gotten money.

For millions of people, the world’s great millionaires are those who achieve their goals, their dreams, are with the people they love, and have attitudinal peace and solvency. These riches are worth more to them.

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