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We recently saw children playing with a lego boat in which they simulated that it was sinking, but even with mishaps all passengers were rescued. We began to investigate the sinking and recreate in our minds what happened. Moreover, without inviting you to go to such extremes, we offer you a file with some famous missing ships that history will remember for its before, during and after.

We also understand by missing ships that have ceased to be fit or viable for navigation, even functional, such as the Lyubov Orlovawhich has been adrift for years in the North Atlantic Ocean, with working equipment, technology and the like, but cannot be rescued because according to maritime law, whoever does so will take possession not only of the vessel, but of the judicial and economic powers that implies.

famous missing ships

famous missing ships

Coast of Concord (2012) One of the most recent and shameful cases of famous missing boats, since the reason for its capsizing and sinking was hitting a rocky ledge in Tuscany, near the island of Giglio, due to a reckless and irresponsible maneuver of her captain, who acted belligerently during the maritime accident.

Eastland (1915) It only took 6 minutes for this tour boat to sink after leaving the Chicago Harbor dock. There were more than 2,200 deaths, mostly children and women, indicating that the maximum maritime security that protects them has not been respected. Since then, greater emphasis has been placed on their care.

Empress of Ireland (1914) Canadian ship that sank in about 17 minutes, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, with two-thirds of the dead.

Estonian (1994) It was one of the most technological era accidents of the 20th century with the highest number of fatalities. I go to the list of famous missing ships for the mysterious story of a surviving child who helped several adults to save themselves, although more than 90% of the passengers died.

The Joola (2002) In five minutes, this Senegalese ship sank off The Gambia. It showed the corrupt reality of reselling seats that doubled their capacity from 1,046 seats to over 2,211 including minors. Only 3% of the total number of passengers survived, while no crew members survived.

Lusitania (1915) He was the victim of a German submarine which torpedoed him during the plenary sessions of the First World War off the coast of Ireland, both to demonstrate her might in arms and to be a luxurious ship, a sign of supposed ostentation and happiness. It sank in less than twenty minutes, being able to save 40% of the passengers + crew.

Princess Victoria (1953) A double case among the famous missing ships, since its sinking occurred in the Northern Channel between Ireland and ScotlandEmphasis was placed on rescuing women and children, but when the lifeboat was lowered, mishandling and ship motion caused the small boat to crash against the ship’s edge, broke apart and its crew lost their lives in the fall. . .

Titanic (1912) Well known and is the reference among the famous missing ships, sunk by hitting an iceberg that they could not distinguish. Of 2,201 people, 1,517 died, with women and children being the greatest survivors.

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