Andrew Carlssin – The man who traveled back in time

The story of Andrew Carlssin – The Time Traveling Man is simply fascinating. He is a 44-year-old American who was arrested by the FBI in 2002 for making a series of suspicious high-risk investments in the stock market. His $800 investment turned into $350 million within weeks. After his arrest, the FBI questioned him and discovered that he had a mysterious past. During his interrogation, he revealed that he had been time-traveling since the year 2256. The story quickly spread on the internet and reached mainstream media.

In a follow-up article, Weekly World News reported that the time traveler was arrested and released on bail after failing to appear in court on April 3. The story goes on to reveal that the time-traveling man was arrested in 2002, jumped bail, and disappeared without a trace. Since then, this story has become one of the most popular urban legends about time travel.

Andrew Carlssin The man who traveled back in time

Although many people are intrigued by Carlssin’s story, the story is full of mystery. The man has been detained for more than three years. The SEC, FBI and local law enforcement have denied that Carlssin ever traveled through time. The SEC, FBI and CIA have also been unable to locate him since his arrest.

Despite all of its successes, Carlssin’s story is not without flaws.

Those who believe in time travel cannot predict the future, and the US invasion of Iraq may not be that far away. However, there are several myths about Carlssin’s story. Indeed, the man who traveled through time and space is an unlikely candidate for this title.

This story was published in various media in 2003. The first was on Yahoo!, which spread to other news services. A follow-up article in the April 29 Weekly World News claimed that he had in fact disappeared, but had already made multiple predictions about the future. Additionally, the story contained two different photos of Andrew Carlssin. However, what happened to him remains a mystery.

Andrew Carlssin’s story had a series of twists and turns

Initially, the FBI believed the man had confessed to the crime. But the truth is much more complicated. Although there were no official reports, he was released after his trial. In fact, it wasn’t until the US government released him on bail that the true story of Andrew’s time travel abilities became public knowledge.

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