Predictions for this new year

2022 will be a year of big changes for Leo, especially in love.

This year you will have more than one opportunity that you can take advantage of if you heed the advice of your horoscope.

Discover them now!

yearly horoscope 2022 of the lion

Money, work and business for Leo 2022

Leo, this year 2022 begins with financial challenges and while you may not be victorious in some cases, this should not worry you too much.

Your power will help you stay afloat despite the difficulties, especially if you follow the advice of the 2022 horoscope.


A shock at the start of 2022

2022 comes with a jolt for you to be careless when it comes to your pocket, exuberant Leo. It’s something that can’t go on because you know you’ve been dragging these money issues for a long time.

This year you will be forced to grow in this aspect and order your economy to be able to handle more and more goods or money.

The best time for your pocket

The best time of year for you It will be the beginning of spring. The first glimpses of this season will boost you and you have every chance of getting a better job (or better working conditions).

The advice of the horoscope is not to stop enjoying this impulse, because it will not be eternal. Use it to improve your finances and don’t just rely on luck: have initiative.

Your dedication and commitment at work or in your own business will open the doors to more success for you during this year 2022.

Leo’s health in 2022

Representatives of Leo look forward to a calm summer and spring, only having to pay attention to the amount of liquids they consume and guard against excessive sunlight.

The cold time of the year is another story for the sun sign, as chronic illnesses, injuries, and intoxication will be exacerbated during this time. To counter these effects, consider consuming vitamins and getting medical check-ups.

Treat chronic illnesses and watch what you eat

During the months of February and March, it is completely forbidden to abuse alcohol and other intoxicants, Leo.

April will be the ideal month to get rid of chronic diseases, so it is advisable to go to the doctor and follow all his instructions to the letter.

Panorama of Leo’s love 2022

Leo, you are in a very exciting love trend, and it will continue for a few more years.

This year of the Water Tiger, Jupiter and Uranus will flirt in your 7th house until mid-2022, which will bring a tendency to expand your love life, widen your social circle and open up romantic opportunities for you.

Here are your 2022 horoscope tips for the heart:

Big changes in your love life

They will be caused by Jupiter, who prefers serious relationships, while Uranus will influence you towards freedom. The action of Uranus will push you to change or end current relationships.

So if you’re in a relationship, it’s going to look vulnerable this year, but never fear, remember that other aspects of your birth chart They will also influence your zodiac sign.

Keep in mind that love will be present throughout 2022. And, if you remain single, you will meet another person in no time.

How to handle disappointment in 2022

Relationships will be a challenge this year, but your friends will not be outdone and will pass various tests in 2022. This year of the Water Tiger will be about quality and not quantity.

Accept only the best and you will do well this year, exuberant Leo, because everything is going to be very dynamic. Of course, it is recommended to give freedom to your partner. as much as you can as long as you feel comfortable with it.

In the ups and downs of love, try to get out of the monotony with your partner, because if the love is true, the relationship can be fixed if you add a pinch of emotion and get out of the daily grind.

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