Full Moon in Leo: breaking with the past

Relationship issues could intensify this Thursday, January 28, 2021, with Venus conjunct Pluto (Capricorn). This planetary combination can represent the deepening of a relationship or the conclusion of any type of alliance or financial agreement.

The Full Moon in Leo is both dramatic and volatile, opposing the Sun and Jupiter and squaring Mars.

What may happen in this lunation will have ramifications beyond the next four weeks.

The Sun-Jupiter (Aquarius) conjunction further amplifies our awareness, realizing that all that glitters is not gold.

Full Moon in Leo of this Thursday, January 28, 2021, makes a square T with no less than five planets involved: it opposes Saturn, the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius, and these in turn make a square at the conjunction Mars-Uranus in Taurus.

It will be easy for us to feel sorry for the Moon, alone in Leo, trying to maintain her personal pride and dignity. Meanwhile, the Aquarius trio of planets have a certain air of superiority to them, especially Saturn since it’s in their ruling sign.

Aquarius is normally associated with principles applicable to the collective. Admittedly, it is difficult for everyone to see themselves represented in all situations, so these principles may be more of an ideal reality than a practical reality.

Opposition can mean polarization, so authorities should be expected to set rules that meet both individual and collective needs in a way that seems reasonable and fair.

However, there is an air of unease at the top of the T-square where Uranus, Mars, and Black Moon Lilith meet. Located in resolute Taurus, the rebellious and unorthodox qualities of Uranus and Lilith are met by the brashness of Mars, who in Taurus is seen as something of a tyrant, a sign of his detriment in traditional astrology.

With Mars in Taurus, bullying sometimes occurs in the context of passive-aggressive behavior rather than overtly. Obviously, neither experience is comfortable for the bullied victim. However, it can be important to access a new type of courage if we are faced with subtle manipulations or bad environments.

The first line of defense against this type of bullying may be to be able to talk to a trusted friend or someone who is able to listen to our fight. Breaking down and finding positive actions to take instead of absorbing bad vibes or going into subconscious responses because we are dealing with social taboos can also help a lot.

While not everything is negative about Mars in Taurus, it can also help us find new courage or a different way to approach a problem we’ve already faced.

Again, this may not be the most comfortable or enjoyable process, but what the restless and unstable group of Uranus, Mars and Black Moon Lilith offers us is the realization that ‘now is the time to get out of our comfort zone and find a new approach. Since these planets square the Moon in Leo, this might involve dropping the curtain of pride for a while and allowing ourselves to be a little more vulnerable.

This is where the planetary grouping of Aquarius (Saturn, Sun and Jupiter) can come in handy. They remind us of truth, creativity and reality and how these facets can be combined in a positive way. For example, if we are really honest and recognize that sometimes we don’t know how to handle a situation, then we can ask for help.

From there, we can look directly at the issues and then, with the help offered, move forward creatively, in a more informed way. Hopefully, we will gain more knowledge and skills, just as expansive and mundane Jupiter would have it!

We may need to stop pretending we’re fine on our own when we’re not, or that we don’t need help from others when we clearly are. We will have to refrain from refusing any help offered because we are angry with “the system” or frustrated with ourselves for not being able to manage on our own.

If we can see the creative potential that this T-square holds for our lives, then we can break old and stubborn habits of the past and move on to a better place, armed with a greater capacity to face future challenges.

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