Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 2021

The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius will be the first of two total eclipses in Sagittarius for the year, although the second, in mid-December, will be a solar eclipse. The Moon will be at perigee (its closest moment to Earth) and will therefore appear much larger than normal.

This Lunar Eclipse signals that while we may have strong desires for freedom, we may not be able to easily access it as we wish. Although we have become accustomed to having low expectations in certain aspects, not fulfilling the wishes offered can be frustrating for anyone who thinks they deserve to fulfill them.

Overcoming new challenges is not entirely impossible, the fact is that the path can be a little more difficult than expected, depending on the square that separates the Moon from Jupiter in Pisces. Separation suggests that for now it is best that we let go of certain dreams or ideas, or parts of them.

However, giving up something doesn’t have to be negative. For some, letting go and moving on can bring a sense of relief. In fact, being willing to let things go or move on, in some cases, can help another plan focus more.

The Moon will sextile Saturn, which, despite its restrictive nature, can actually help us get some issues sorted out for good. As Saturn is retrograde, we can look back on some of our unfinished stories.

With Saturn in Aquarius one of the signs it rules, we’ll need to do things “right” to be successful. This may mean including new protocols or respecting old traditions; the key issue is adjusting to official approval, as Saturn will also insist on properly connecting with our surroundings and, in a sign like Aquarius, will aim to keep as many people happy as possible.

Retrograde Saturn may have an additional role to play, acting as a guardian in a situation that requires constant care or monitoring. In this case, we can emphasize the need to be patient, to play the game over the long term in order to achieve a specific result.

Despite the restriction of freedoms or the fact that we feel individually controlled by rules and regulations, the feeling of being in a sea of ​​​​possibilities remains, since the Moon is arranged by Jupiter (it is in the sign ruled by Jupiter) , which recently entered Pisces. Thanks to this, we will be able to observe the whole horizon that awaits us and, even if we do not see the end of it, we will perceive the number of opportunities that await us.

However, since the Sun eclipses the Moon, it’s fair to say that we’ll likely only have things related to our daily lives on our agenda for a while.

It is possible that at this time we reflect and analyze more on the past than on the future. Although that’s not all bad; this can be the perfect opportunity for us to consolidate past progress, such as writing in a journal, creating a photo album, or doing an activity that allows us to finish forgetting an event or relationship.

Once in a while, around a major eclipse, it is time to overcome and leave behind someone or something, that at the time we could not forget. It’s time to get up, pick up the book and turn the page to create new stories later.

It is also possible that we have projects that have had an initial investment and that this does not reach the expected results until later; although, in time, it will be possible to achieve them completely.

Finally, the Moon will trine Chiron in Aries, offering the possibility of healing a wound caused by innocence as a source of error; you could say that in this eclipse we have a “healing Moon”, and this one can allow us to find meaning in even the most difficult experiences of life.

Aries’ rush can mean throwing themselves into situations without enough preparation, only to end up “burning” their fingers. Reviewing the situation could offer sudden healing and the opportunity to regain lost courage, giving new impetus towards the goals we seek.

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