Be the master of your life: 1st lunation 2021

“The more you resist an experience or change based on fear of change, the greater the opportunity for spiritual growth.” Omari Martin

The Full Moon in Libra, the first great lunation of this year 2021, invites us to pay close attention and emphasize the need for balance and balance in multiple areas of our lives.

This fact can be particularly evident in a relationship, where one of the two parties may not be treated equally.

Sometimes it can happen for no apparent reason, other times the reason is very clear; An example of these reasons may be the need for one of the two to deal with an illness.

Either way, any sense of imbalance can have a big impact on deep levels, especially when one part’s needs remain unmet. This can lead to an emotional buildup of frustration or a feeling of being neglected or even becoming “invisible”.

Venus will conjunct the Sun in Aries, which will also be between Chiron and Ceres, giving us the opportunity to heal our problems in our relationships or in the development of our resources.

It is considered “strange” that Venus is in Aries, according to traditional astrology (literally fall). This astrological position can accentuate impatience, propelling us headlong into the unknown, even forcing us to worry excessively about superficial details.

At its most basic level, one person can focus on the Self, while another can think in terms of Us; so the plans may not be on the same wavelength.

The focus on Chiron suggests that there is room for healing if we understand issues from a different perspective than we initially saw.

The Moon in Libra – an air sign – suggests that logic can be applied to help deal with any situation. This can be reinforced by a trine from the Moon to Saturn and Mars. The challenge here will be to prevail over the conflictand to obtain solutions that suit everyone in order to emerge “victorious” from the situation.

To all this will be added a grand aerial trine with Mars conjunct the North Node of the Moon, a clue that tells us that we must choose a new attitude, approach or action.

It can be interesting to see how simple a solution is and how difficult it can be to implement, as the trines represent ease and the North Node often shows where we need to strive to change our behaviors and progress. .

Although it might be time to take the road less travelled.

Since the Moon connects us to our true needs, we may now have a growing need to share and connect, while wishing for peace.

Sometimes these situations can be contradictory because no matter how nice and accommodating we want to be, there is always room for misunderstanding.

Also, we may not always be able to match our resources or needs and our willingness to be generous with the other party’s needs or desires.

Therefore, these situations may require diplomacy and coping with differences, as well as recognizing the desire to “cross bridges” to connect.

The Moon in Libra opposes the formation of the Sun, Chiron, Venus and Ceres in Aries, which also reflects the desire to be equal to others; without needing to compete or judge ourselves less than others.

Can we just let the internal and external pressures drift away for a while and be okay with everything being somewhere in the middle?

In general, this Full Moon in Libra encourages us to balance our lives by being aware of our emotions, our spiritual growth and healing, and how we feel about relationships with others and with ourselves.

By “taking ownership” of our emotions and thoughts, we can experience spiritual transformation to help us experience peace and harmony.

Want some extra personal development work for the next two weeks?Pay attention to your spiritual growth and transformation.

Our life offers unlimited opportunities for spiritual growth.

You have the ability to identify what you want to become.

When you see yourself as the “master” of your life, you find that you can instantly and magically transform the quality of any relationship just by considering the other party.

The key dates at a glance and the possible practical applications according to the classic aphorisms of astrology:

03/29: Mercury in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces
It will be easy to express thoughts from the conscious mind.
03/30: The Moon in Scorpio ahead of Uranus in Taurus
Unexpected emotional ups and downs.
03/31: The Sun in Aries sextiles Saturn in Aquarius
Individual efforts manifest easily.
02/04: Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn
Transformative or strategic thinking is easy.
03/04: Mercury enters Aries
We can act on the basis of impulsive thoughts. Express yourself fully and practice speaking directly with others.
06/04: Venus in Aries in sextile with Mars in Gemini
A good day for romance; charm is good.
04/09: Mars square Gemini Neptune in Pisces
Act on what inspires you.
10/04: Mercury in Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius
Talking and making decisions will make sense.
10/4: Venus in Aries sextile Jupiter in Aquarius
A good day for successful personal and professional partnerships. Be reasonable, conventional, cooperative and optimistic.

When we create peace, harmony and balance in our minds, we find them in our lives.

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