New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Thursday, June 10, 2021, in the sky, we enjoy a solar eclipse and a new moon.

With the Sun and Moon in Gemini (one degree from Mercury), this eclipse could provide us with a lot of information from the “cosmos” that could potentially help humanity chart a new course.

The luminaries also place Neptune and Pallas Athena in Pisces, bringing new spiritual insights.

Various aspects are also involved in the game: a Moon-Neptune square and a precise Sun-Mercury conjunction.

While waiting behind the scenes, we will have a conjunction between Uranus and Ceres (Taurus), which can increase our understanding of the natural world and help us connect with the elementals.

The New Moon in Gemini is also an annular eclipse of the Sun, which illuminates us from the edges of the Moon. Eclipses usually coincide with significant changes in our lives.

Gemini is a sign with two bodies (and faces); An eclipse in this sign may indicate that we are beginning to let go of the familiar face we show to the world to expose more of our hidden side. It may also be done by someone in our immediate environment.

This might surprise anyone not used to seeing that “other side” we have. It is realizing that there is a different or hidden facet that we have denied or previously not noticed.

If we can accept and integrate this aspect into ourselves, perhaps our life experience can progress and develop for the better. The same is true if we see it happening with our loved ones.

Sometimes, however, it’s hard to feel comfortable with something that’s markedly different from any past experience. It is therefore necessary to give yourself time to be able to adapt and accept this new facet.

The Eclipse has Mercury at its side, retrograde. It suggests that a conversation needs to happen, but we may struggle to find the words, or find the right opportunity to express them, when we do.

Solar eclipses always occur when the Moon is new. and so thoughts, ideas and situations are still developing. For this reason, it is normal that we encounter situations or things that do not have clearly defined lines, since they will be in their infancy.

We may need to allow time for what needs to be talked about to fully emerge before we find the right way to talk about it.

Geminis on the playground often bond with siblings, cousins, and neighbors. Certain events may unfold and include some of these people, whether we have had close contact or not. They could even become people who help us open doors, an event of vital importance for any future project.

With Mercury retrograde in Gemini, frustrating delays may have already happened or are happening.

However, this planet does not always remain retrograde, shortly after June 22, Mercury is direct again.

Then the ideas and paperwork that will come together and the conversations will take off on a more upbeat note.

Mercury is not the only retrograde planet. Saturn too. So, even if we have some precepts to guide us, we must review them thoroughly.

If we re-commit to certain terms, conditions, or procedures, they will help us find the best way forward to make the decision we need to make.

Sifting through the fine print can always seem like the least interesting task, but you might be surprised to find that if you bother to read it, you might end up with a better answer than you have. In any case, having a clear and concise answer, without relying on assumptions, is always the best way.

There’s an additional reason to work harder to get clear answers and not leave anything too much to chance: Neptune squares the Sun, Moon and Mercury, which adds a – perhaps frustratingly – layer of vagueness to the already dense atmosphere of retrograde planets.

However, with the trine of the eclipse to Saturn, we can rejoice because, although a little outside the usual orb (6°), it will place more defined margins in any situation. While Saturn often gets a bad rap, this planet can act as a sort of vital guide or rule book to help us stay on track, despite any detours we might take.

Square Neptune, in turn, can pose the threat of someone else’s world collapsing, which is rarely easy to see, especially if we like the person it’s happening to.

With Mercury square Neptune in Piscesit could be a good time to share our most positive and joyful experiences with our loved ones.

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