seven tips to become the craziest king of crime in Santo Ileso

It’s official! Saints Row is now available. The city of Holy Unharmed awaits you full of violence, madness and an unparalleled style. If being self-employed isn’t easy, imagine what it must be like to build a criminal empire from scratch, so here are some tips to make your beginnings a little easier… although no less violent.

7 tips to become the craziest crime king

The first thing you should know about Saint’s Row is that it is a video game focused on action, with a lot of humor, mischievous satire and without many pretensions regarding history. Get ready to shoot non-stop and run through streets and mountains at full speed.

Executions: A Kingsman-esque Cinematic Spectacle

Use executions whenever you can. This option allows you to take out an enemy with an amazing animation along the way. Kingsman either John Wick. When the animation ends, you regain health and the meter (located in the bottom center of the screen) resets. To fill it faster, kill enemies.

Skills and Advantages: never lose the flow

Skills and perks are key during the hectic battles of Saint’s Row. You’ll unlock new abilities and perks as you level up.

The skills (mobile app) are special moves that you can perform during combat. You can only equip 4 at the same time. These techniques range from putting an active grenade on an enemy to throw them, to recovering life when you deal damage, to punching with a fiery fist.

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You should accumulate Flow performing actions during combat to cast them. My advice is to always have equipped the ability to put a grenade on the enemy and throw it (X in the image) and recover life as you deal damage to enemies (Triangle in the image). At that point in my game, I had two more abilities: throw a mine and throw a grenade. All very explosive!

The Advantage They are character upgrades. There is a catch: you must buy the slots with money to equip them. At the beginning you will unlock a few, but in my opinion these are the three best and that I carried until the end of my game:

  • gunslinger: You shoot from the hip more accurately.
  • in the flow: You don’t lose flow except when executing an ability.
  • Rapine: You collect more bullets when you get an ammo box.

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Arm yourself to the teeth as fast as you can

The weapons that you will receive during the first bars of your adventure will be borrowed, you will lose them as soon as you start your rise in the crime ladder. For this reason, you should spend your first few thousand dollars buying weapons.

Which weapons are the best? The gun It is your base weapon and it works very well if you have good aim. They all kill very well. I recommend you buy a submachine gun and the military assault rifle in bursts The game will give you a RPG or grenade launcher after completing one of your first missions. If you follow my advice, you will be armed to the teeth very early.

Roll, roll again and keep rolling like Dark Souls taught us

The best way to survive during the crazy and frantic battles of Saint’s Row it’s dodging bullets… but not like Neo in The Matrix. We would like more! Your character has the ultimate ability to dodge: roll. As Dark Souls has taught us, rolling is used to avoid and dodge blows… and in Saint’s Row to dodge bullets, cars, etc.

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Additionally, you can use roll (O on PlayStation) to close the gap on your enemies when you’re carrying a shotgun or wanting to do a life-regain execution. The animation is fast and does not consume any type of resistance, so you can roll as many times as you want.

Do you want fast money? Use the bounty hunter app

The easiest method to earn fast money at the beginning of your adventure in Saint’s Row is to use the bounty hunter app. There’s no mystery: you open the app, select the bastard you want to kill, go to the location and fill him with lead to receive your reward in the form of money and experience.

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The negative part of this app is that it has limited jobs. Let me explain: if at the beginning you dedicate yourself to doing bounty hunter assignments to amass money and pass the main missions, there will come a time when there are no more contracts left. It is not free, it has to do with history. You will have to progress through the missions to unlock more contracts.

The best is that they have no levels or difficulties required, so you can do whatever you want. Some will be more complicated than others, but you will always have the possibility to complete them.

Explore Santo Ileso, complete events and collect collectibles

The map of Santo Ileso has a medium size and has no restrictions when exploring it. You can go wherever you want. Exploring to do events and collect collectibles, which reward you with experience and money, is not a bad way to start your adventure in Saint’s Row.

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As you set up businesses throughout the map, events and side quests will appear. If you intend to complete the entire map, I recommend that you start from the beginning, because the map turns into chaos as soon as you start setting up businesses.

With friends everything is better… or almost everything

Saints Row has multiplayer, either cooperative by invitation or by matchmaking. Do I have to explain this advice? With friends, everything is better: double the weapons, bullets, explosions, shots, madness, laughter… This video game was made to play with friends and it is something that cries out for it.

Saints Row Tips

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