One of the best zombie games is available with a 93% discount

The Platinum edition of Dying Light is available for only 5.99 euros.

One of the best zombie games is available with a 93% discount 08/23/2022 13:15

The zombies in the horror video games They are a very common resource. Very hostile post-apocalyptic worlds, where the player has to survive with limited ammo while being chased by these undead. The experience is unsettling, but this kind of survival games they have many followers. Today you can buy the Platinum edition of Dying Light at a ridiculous price: it only costs 5.99 euros. The popular zombie game has a 93% off in CDKeys, which represents a saving of almost 80 euros.

Is a temporary offer and with limited stock. It is a digital code that you can redeem on your steam account. This edition of Dying Light is one of the most complete in the game and is at an impressive 93% discount. Without this discount, the game costs 83.99 euros and now it will cost you €78 less. As soon as you buy the game, the digital code will be sent to your email and you can redeem it at any time. You only need a good controller to play on pc completely normal.

Buy Dying Light Platinum Edition for €5.99

Dying Light Platinum Edition only costs 5.99 euros

Dying Light Platinum Edition

Dying Light Platinum Edition includes all DLC in the game

the fame of dying light precedes it, being one of the best zombie games ever made. This adventure is full of action within the genre survival-horror, as it takes place during a zombie apocalypse. Players can take advantage of the day to explore the world and search for resources to survive such as weapons, food or materials for build trapsfor instance.

At night the infected are more aggressive than by day and acquire other skills. This disables the player from hiding if detected, so the best solution is to use the stealth so as not to upset the hordes of zombies. In addition to the campaign mode, it is possible play with other users with multiplayer and enjoy a very intense adventure with friends.

Buy Dying Light Platinum Edition for €5.99

Now you can do it from the PC because this code can be redeemed in your Steam account. Dying Light Platinum Edition contains all DLC available and more digital content for only 5.99 euros in CDKeys. This game has an amazing 93% offSo the price difference is huge.

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