what it is, how to use it and necessary materials. Know the monetization system

Tower of Fantasy’s monetization system can be complex, confusing to the last, and incomprehensible to newer users. Everything is based on Gachapon and the Store, a monetization system that allows you to get characters, weapons, materials and more thanks to different internal currencies. It’s complex, but don’t get overwhelmed.

Gachapon from Tower of Fantasy

If you have played Genshin Impact, the Gachapon from Tower of Fantasy it will be familiar to you. Lets start by the beginning. The Gachapon is a system that works by rolls (probability) and each x assures you a promised character or item, although not necessarily the one you are looking for. It is displayed in two forms: permanent and limited.

  • The permanent Gachapon: It has three different options (banners) that do not change. That is, they are always available. All three options are always aimed at x1 Character, x1 Materials, and x1 Weapon Enhancement Chips/Matrixes.
  • Limited or temporary gachapon: It consists of a series of options (banners) that change over time and that offer especially powerful characters and matrices.

Gacha Tower1

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The point is that accessing these gachapones is not free. You have to farm a lot (a lot) or checkout to leave real money. You must get certain special coins: gold, black and red cores, and gold and special tickets.

  • Golden Core: Required to access the permanent character banner.
  • purple core: Required to access the permanent materials banner.
  • Red Core: Required to access the limited character banner.
  • Golden Ticket: necessary to access the permanent matrix banner
  • Special Ticket: required to access limited array banner.

Tower Fantasy Nuclei

As I told you, these materials can be obtained paying in the store (I’ll tell you about it below) or Playing: Exploring the open world, as quest rewards, completing multiplayer challenges, with other currencies, finishing daily events, and getting specific achievements.

Types of Banners: use the fruit of your effort… or money

You already know what a Gachapon is, what types there are and what you need to access them. Do you already know everything? Now here near. Tower of Fantasy makes sure that all players get something every certain number of spins. Is named pity (pity system, affectionately nicknamed).

  • Permanent banner of characters: The pity resets at roll 80. Every 10 and 80 rolls a SR and a SRR are guaranteed respectively. Also, +1 black gold per roll.
  • Materials permanent banner: without pity and without the possibility of obtaining another type of currency.
  • Matrix Permanent Banner: The pity resets at roll 40. Every 10 and 40 rolls a SR and SRR are guaranteed respectively. Also, +1 prototype wafer per spin.
  • Character Limited Banner: The pity resets at roll 80. Every 10 and 80 rolls a SR and SRR are guaranteed respectively. Also, 1 flaming gold per spin.
  • Matrix Limited Banner: The pity resets at roll 40. Every 10 AND 40 rolls a SR and SRR is guaranteed. Also, +1 overclocked wafer per spin.

gacha tower

The coins you earn with each spin can be used to buy items in the game. black market. On the other hand, it is important to point out that the pity is reset to the indicated roll, regardless of whether you hit the SR or SRR.

  • If you finish the limited banner before making 80 spins, the remaining spins roll over to the next available banner or option. No matter how many rolls you have, remember that no character, weapon or material is guaranteed.
  • If you have any Flaming Gold and Overclocked Wafer left over when the limited banner ends, the surplus is transformed into Black Gold and Prototype Wafer.

Tower of Fantasy Shop

In the in-game store you can find all coins Y materials internals needed to access all game content. Tower of Fantasy offers you different packs that include cores for SRRs banner spins, chips to upgrade weapons, materials for all kinds of actions, gadgets/artifacts and special coins for exclusive items.

Gacha Tower2

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Types of coins for the Shop:

  • Prayed: Needed to buy items in the store.
  • Quartz (black cube) – needed to buy items in the store.
  • Titanium (crystal cube): needed to buy items in the store.
  • energy crystal: It is obtained in challenges called WormHole and Previous Phantom. It has its own section within the store. Items also require player level.
  • Black Market Gold: +1 of this coin is obtained for each roll or attempt in gachapones. It has its own section within the store.
  • Prototype chip: Obtained from repeated chips in the Chip Gacha. It has its own section in the store and allows you to purchase weapon upgrades.
  • Merit Medal: Obtained through guild activities. It has its own section in the store and its items are unlocked with guild level.
  • Training Medal: Obtained by completing minigames in the open world. It has its own section in the store.
  • Impulse Medal: It has its own section in the store. You can buy various items, including gold and purple cores.
  • Achievement Medal: Obtained by completing game achievements.

Tower Fantasy Store

If you want more specific items or currencies, you should know that some have purchase limits and others don’t. In this case, you can access them through Quartz. For example, the Coupon Box and Vitality Potion have a weekly purchase limit of 3 and 2 times respectively. On the other hand, the gold cores have no limit.

In the shop you can find the coins needed to buy items directly or other in-game currencies. You have to calculate how many coins of one type you need to get others to access the content you want.

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