the real gold mine is to think big

Since my return to GTA Online has been effective, I could say that I am practically a more citizen of Los Santos. I’ve walked every single street, I could go practically anywhere blindfolded, and I’ve spent more virtual money than I’ll ever make in my lifetime.

It’s really hard to get bored with the Rockstar Games title and my stats show that I’ve spent five days and fifteen hours exploring what the game has to offer. The conclusions are beginning to be evident: the circle of lucrative activities is extremely small.

Many expenses, little income

During most of my planning sessions how to expand my evil empireI have always aimed for high altitudes. It is true that I have rubbed elbows with slums like Lamar or Gerald, but it was always clear to me that Cayo Perico or the blow to The Diamond Casino & Resort.

It is in the bowels of each one of these places where everything seems to be bathed in gold and if you manage to succeed with good planning -not my case-, you know that you ensure a million dollars for your personal boat. The update of The Criminal Enterprises has even further enhanced this criminal aspect.

However, I have sought to focus on various tasks and side businesses to see if they are really profitable. The quick answer is no, and for a clearer example we have the arcades. As I told you at the time, Videogeddon cost me a whopping $1,125,000 and with 40% discount at that time.

GTA Online

The real use of that space is to sneak into the basement to set up a robbery with Lester, but the hacker himself warned me that he could profit from placing arcades on all the corners. Once I’m sitting in the office, I take a look at the video game catalog.

Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition, Monkey’s Paradise Y Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw they are the machines that populate the room. I admit that I have not filled everything, because each one of them costs an eye of the face for a method to get pasta that is passive. In a day cycle GTA Onlinethat is, about 48 minutes, and with the place full of machines, 6,000 dollars are generated.

A real misery that leads nowhere. In my case it is much less and it takes several days for me to have $5,380 in the safe. Recovering the investment, not only of the machines themselves, but of the business itself, is a real chimera. It’s perfectly understandable that players look the other way when it comes to increasing their Maze Bank account numbers.

I solve gasoline inflation with bullets in GTA Online: Operation Tech Trail is a blow to capitalism

Tasks here and there

Of course, I recognize that the games inside the arcades are really nice and some well-crafted mini-games by Rockstar. In this sense, the developer does not usually fail. However, the opportunity came with an unexpected call.

Maude, a character that I don’t even remember from the story mode, tells me that she has several targets to annihilate and that as a good hitman, I can get the corresponding slice. Find the clueless guy on duty at the location she sends me and bring him alive to his trailer in Sandy Shores so God knows what he’s going to do with him.

GTA Online

$10,000 reward each, but with a investment of time that is not equivalent to loot obtained. Despite this I insist on checking if Maude has something really big planned for me and she does. After a few contracts, she points me to a chest containing the stone hatchet.

A nice melee weapon, and after 25 kills it does give a prize to the height. $250,000 for completing the entire process and sending the rustic tool to my Red Dead Redemption 2 game. Something very similar to what happens with the hidden double action revolver on the map.

Solomon Richards is an example of a task with ups and downs. It all begins in the mecca of cinema, the majestic studios where the brazen theft of several sets has taken place. The job is to find the points scattered around Los Santos where to collect each of them to deliver them.

GTA Online

I will not deny that I used a guide to get them, because otherwise I would not be a secondary target, but a seventh division target. 10,000 dollars for each of them and with three decorations that appear completely randomly. Yes, you get an extra $50,000 pinch for everyone in an alien suit, but it’s impossible to focus on a mission like that.

Playing pure multiplayer mode, without using external help, it is a pipe dream to find them all and as soon as you see the reward of the first decoration, you will want to send everything to walk. With Simeon, the situation does not improve excessively either.

The three-for-a-quarter car tycoon pays just $11,000 to put out fires, kill everything that moves in the port and return home. At this point, it is crystal clear what happens with GTA Online.

GTA Online

Side quests, tasks or whatever you want to call it, are in a balance where the fun of doing them is questionable and the loot is scarce for the figures that should really be handled in GTA Online. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the millions that large operations and businesses cost.

It is much easier to focus on a limited list of activities than to expand borders to other areas. If your goal is to accumulate money in the account, there is no point in stopping at these missions and practically everything comes down to the enjoyment you get from them.

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