This is Goku’s deadliest attack in Dragon Ball

And, no, it’s not the kame hame ha…

This is Goku's deadliest attack in Dragon Ball 08/11/2022 03:00

While Goku has shown no shortage of insanely powerful attacks throughout the Dragon Ball series, one stands out above the rest as the best. If you’re rewatching the show and don’t want to be caught off guard by some old spoilerwe recommend you continue reading the manga through MangaPlus by ShueishaWell, we will talk extensively about the deadly attack of this Saiyan.

In Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Chapter 96, Goku faces the entirety of the Red Patrol Army alone after the organization repeatedly tried to assassinate him. After wiping out all of his forces, Goku came face to face with the leader of the entire organization, General Black, who had just assumed command moments before Goku entered his quarters after General Red’s assassination. Knowing that Standing no chance against Goku in a one-on-one fight, General Black jumped into a giant mech suit which he used to fight the Saiyan boy. However, even with the added strength of the mechanical exoskeleton, General Black was still no match for Goku, so he decided to fly away and escape. However, Goku knew that if he let Black escape, he would simply rebuild the Red Ribbon Army and go after him and his friends again. Then, our saiyan used all his strength and jumped at the villain with such force that he flew clean through the torso of the suit, causing it to explode, this is a technique that we will see repeatedly in the series.

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In the early days of Dragon Ball, it was shown that one of Goku’s most powerful techniques was launching himself like a projectile at his enemies.

While Goku’s fight with General Black was the first time he used himself as a living cannonball, it wouldn’t be the last. many chapters later, Goku was fighting his first big villain in the Dragon Ball series: Piccolo.. King Piccolo was an evil Namekian who lay dormant within Earth for centuries before re-emerging to conquer the planet as he attempted to do so many years before. While he was a formidable foe who nearly succeeded in his dark mission, Goku was able to use the move he previously used on General Black and launch himself through King Piccolo’s torso, killing him.

Despite the fact that Goku has grown so powerful since the early days of Dragon Ball that he no longer needs to use himself as a projectile, the efficiency of that move cannot be disputed. The two times he used it within these two examples resulted in two deaths. At that point, Goku had used the Kamehameha multiple times and hadn’t killed anyone even though that technique is considered the most powerful, which is why even the most dedicated Dragon Ball fans completely missed Goku’s deadliest attack. Goku.

Goku’s most powerful and deadly technique in Dragon Ball has fallen into oblivion

While Goku has shown throughout his Dragon Ball career that he is not short of deadly attacks, there is a move that has killed one hundred percent of the enemies it has used it against, marking it as the deadliest of all time, and fans completely missed it. it’s.

Goku has always been an incredibly deadly character from the moment he made his debut in Dragon Ball Chapter 1. In that chapter, Goku was featured walking through the forest, killing and eating some of the most dangerous animals in existence including bears, tigers and giant fish, all as if nothing. Fast-forward through those earlier chapters and readers witness that Goku has no reservations about killing, as long as it’s for a good reason, like sustenance or self-defense. When Goku decides it’s time for someone or something to die, he usually uses brute force on him or launches a devastating ki blast, Goku’s most powerful attack being the Kamehameha. Nevertheless, one move is far more effective than any of the others, though Goku has only used it less than a handful of times: Pierce your enemies using it as a deadly projectile. Although in the current saga it has fallen into disuse, its effectiveness is indisputable.

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