This controller for Nintendo Switch is wireless, has vibration and is only worth 20 euros

The value for money of this controller is second to none.

This controller for Nintendo Switch is wireless, has vibration and is only worth 20 euros 08/11/2022 11:00

There are many brands that launch accessories and peripherals for Nintendo Switch, for example, Snakebyte. This brand may not sound familiar to you, but it has some controls that are not bad at all. This time we have to talk about Snakebyte Gamepad Pro for Switch. said command has a 58% discount on PC Components and for a limited time it can be yours for 19.99 euros (before 47.99 euros). The discount is considerable. What an offer!

For its price, there are few controls that offer the same. If you usually play in TV mode, it is a control that is worth it. It is quite comfortable and has a turbo function. We could say that, in part, it offers almost the same as the Nintendo Pro controller. But the best thing will be to take a look at its characteristics.

Snakebyte Gamepad Pro for Nintendo Switch

A good controller for Nintendo Switch that has an irresistible price

The Snakebyte Gamepad Pro has two very precise sticks, two vibration motors, a button to take screenshots and share the moment, is wireless and compatible with all Nintendo Switch models. On the other hand, this command connects to the console via Bluetooth.

Snakebyte Gamepad Pro - Switch

This controller includes a 1.8 meter charging cable.

When talking about a wireless controller, it incorporates an internal battery. This battery is charged using a cable that comes in the box. During the loading process you can continue playing without any problem. As you can see, it is a fairly complete command. However, it seems that it does not have a gyroscope. About the latter, it is a function that is not in the technical data sheet. This would be the only negative point.

Snakebyte Gamepad Pro for Nintendo Switch

If you are looking for a controller that is as similar as possible to the Nintendo Pro controller and that is as cheap as possible, then you cannot miss this offer. For the price it has It is a very interesting command.

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