a user made $14,000 selling indie games without authorization

The trajectory of GameStop In recent years it has been really convulsive. The video game sales chain was the main focus of one of the most convulsive stock market movements in recent years, while in recent weeks it has turned its attention to the field of NFTs.

A marketplace to trade this kind of product was recently opened, but the controversy was not long in coming. As revealed from ArsTechnicaa user by the name of Nathan Ello has managed to sell NiFTy Arcade, a collection of five games worth 8.4 Ethereum.

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The equivalence is about $14,000 and the problem with this transaction is that they are unauthorized NFT copies of indie games. Ello did not have permission to use the titles in this way and did not even have authorization to use the PICO-8 engine in which the five games are developed.

Consequently, the product NiFTy Arcade has been banned from the GameStop marketplace and Ello’s account has been suspended. However, it is still possible to access these NFT games through a non-company file storage system, so the damage has not yet been repaired.

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