Saints Row shows us the different ways in which we will sow chaos in Santo Ileso with its new trailer with gameplay

This month there are a few very important releases and one to pay attention to is Saints Row, which will be the reboot of the saga and a title ready to become an action game that will make us have a great time. That is what he wanted to demonstrate the new trailer with gameplay which has been published by Deep Silver.

In Santo Ileso, a city where crime is present everywhere, we will have to make a living with the aspiration of being our own boss, although we will not be alone, because for this we will have a group of friends who are also criminals. However, the Panthers, the Idols or the Marshalls, the other factions, will not make things so easy for us.

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Either way, In this huge open world we can sow chaos in countless ways. The game itself encourages us to bring out our most creative side with the different firearms, special abilities, interacting with the setting in any other way we can think of to finish off our enemies without hesitation.

Saint’s Row It is prepared so that everyone can spend time as they want, whether it is advancing in the main story, with the secondary missions, carrying out missions, with the help of a friend with their cooperative mode or simply going from one place to another. All this from August 23 when it goes on sale on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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