Pokémon Scarlet and Purple leak details of the new legendary quartet

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple would offer a quartet of legendaries in the style of the Alola tapus, but based on Chinese dragons.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple leak details of the new legendary quartet 08/10/2022 14:45

It’s getting less and less until the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, the ninth generation that Game Freak prepares on the well-known Nintendo license. With the passing of the days, the rumors and leaks about the new installments, such as a new Pokémon based on sushi or the possible new forms of Tentacool and Tentacruel. Now, new details shared by leakers point to a new quartet of legendaries who would make their debut in the Paldea region.

Information comes from Riddler Ku, the well-known leaker of the Pokémon environment and one of the most reliable sources in recent years. According to him, Pokémon Scarlet and Purple will include a new quartet of legendary Pokémon similar to the tapus of the Alola region. Nevertheless, the four creatures in question would be based on the dragons of Chinese culture. Thus, these four Pokémon would be based on the Great Dragon, the Yellow Dragon, the Black Dragon and the Pearl Dragonalthough no further details have been offered regarding their types and the form they will have, except that they will be neither dragon nor fairy type.

Information about the new sub-legendary quartet [SPECULATION]:

– Based on the old leaker’s riddle, it seems to be based on the Four Dragons from ancient China’s lore.
-White Pearl Dragon
-Yellow Dragon
-Large Great Dragon
-Black Dragon

Not Dragon nor Fairy type. pic.twitter.com/Q3UgYz3Pby

— LEAKS Center (@CentroLeaks) August 9, 2022

Of course, it is striking that four Pokémon based on dragons will not have the dragon type, but we will have to wait to see their designs to know the reasons for this decision, although for the moment It’s time to take the information as a rumor until it is officially confirmed..

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple define the three stories that can be followed in the game

Perhaps the introduction of these four legendary Pokémon may be related to one of the three different stories that will make their way in the Paldea region. In recent weeks, details have also been discovered in this regard, leaving clues as to where the three stories would go to get the treasure hidden by the map based on Spain. They would be the following:

  • The first route will be the one that has been officially revealed: beat all 8 gyms and become champion of the Pokémon League. The rival for this task will be Mencía.
  • The second story would be related to Damián who, as indicated, would be the son of teachers Albora and Turowhich would be lost in space-time and would have to be joined.
  • The third story would be related to Notthe girl with the Eevee-shaped backpack, who would be linked in some way to the rival team of the ninth generation.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple confirm the absence of one of the best mechanics of Legends: Arceus

Thus, we will have to wait to decipher all these enigmas that continue to arise around Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, something that will only be completed next November 18 when they arrive exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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