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Nintendo has left us this afternoon with a Nintendo Direct dedicated entirely to Splatoon 3 that has allowed us to know all the important details of this new installment of the saga. Thus we have been able to see that the city of Tintelia has grown in a big way in recent years and will have countless activities.

To get started, the classic Territorial Battles mode will return, in which two teams of four players each must paint the stage in ink, so that the one who has painted the most in three minutes will win. To do this, they will have new weapons and abilities, such as climbing walls and shooting through the air or also doing pirouettes to advance faster.

When it comes to weapons, all of the weapons from the series will return along with some new ones, such as the Arcromatizer and the Breeze Lasher. These will be joined by other stronger-than-normal special weapons, including the Drink Dispenser, Wave Emitter and Floater, but there will be many more that will be activated by refilling an ink meter.

The action will take place in 12 scenarios, including some old ones, but there will also be as many others unpublished so far. And it won’t end there, because every three months the content will be expanded with more weapons, game modes and more news through free updates coming over the next two yearsalthough there will also be paid DLCs.

Tintelia’s shops and game modes

In Tintelia we will find a store to unlock new weapons, although these can only be obtained by exchanging licenses that are obtained by leveling up or after using a weapon too many times. But if you are one of those who prefer to give your character a unique look, you can use these stores:

  • Nautilus style: hats, masks and glasses.
  • Pret-a-Ventouse: t-shirts and jackets.
  • shoeing strong: slippers, sandals and leather shoes.

Splatoon 3 02

However, not everything will be limited to stores, because there will also be other places from which we will access the following game modes:

  • Lobby: the meeting point to participate in the different game modes.
  • testing area: to practice everything we want with the weapons and skills we have achieved.
  • repetitions– For everyone who wants to rewatch a game and even share it.
  • the locker room: a place where we can decorate our own locker inside and out or also see those of other people with whom we have played.
  • abyssal miscellaneous: a store to buy items for the lockers.
    The Carterritorial fight: a kind of Tetris in which cards will be used to win, but at the moment there are no more details about it.
  • Salmon-Run: another of the classic game modes in which up to four players will collaborate to defeat the salmonids, among which there will be new enemies and final bosses.
  • History mode: the campaign in which we will join the Gill Commando to face an Octarian army in a series of levels ideal to familiarize ourselves with weapons and skills.
  • Drawings: to bring out the artist that we have inside and publish ourselves around the city and the stages.
  • photo mode: for those who want to take snapshots that they want to frame.

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amiibo and mobile app

In Splatoon 3 we can use our amiibo to obtain articles, although the figures of the saga will serve to obtain special outfits or to take photos with them. Along with all of them, three new amiibo will arrive in the same pack in winter.

On the other hand, from the first day we will be able to download on our mobile devices the SplatNet 3 applicationa service to consult statistics, buy equipment, review our game history and will also allow us to use special funds for our device.

theme festivals

Splatoon 3 Surimi Clan

The icing on the cake has been put by Angie, Megan and Rayan, the members of the Surimi Clan and those in charge on this occasion of telling us about all the news in the city, so that they will give information about the scenarios and other important details.

Even so, if there is something for which they will be so important, it is because the return of festivals with special themes. This time we can opt for three different options, that is, three different teams, to face other players in 4 vs 4 games and also in trios in which three teams will face each other at the same time.

In fact, the August 27th The first festival called “Rock, paper or scissors” will begin, so it will be great to try the game only during that day and thus whet your appetite for its launch on September 9 on Nintendo Switch.

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