An Arcane scene that cost $65,000 was enough to convince Riot Games to produce the League of Legends series.

Riot Games has published the first of the five episodes in which the documentary will be divided in the form of a making-of of Arcane, the League of Legends animated series that has completely conquered us with all the chapters of its first season. However, although its premiere occurred at the end of 2021, in reality has been running for many years.

This is how we can see it in the first of this series of videos in which Christian Linke, showrunner, creator and screenwriter of Arcane. His goal was to create a representation of the history of League of Legendsbut admits that he was afraid of doing something that was not good and could damage the franchise.

From a certain point of view it was understandable because of the failure of other video game series and movies. Still, he was convinced that the series had potential, even though until now Riot Games had only created action scenes with the help of Fortichean animation studio based in Paris that has collaborated on some of the best cinematics in the game.

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When Christian talked to Riot Games bosses about using the characters in an animated series with the biggest budget in the company’s history, the answer he got was a resounding “no.” The directors already knew his ambition very well from other ideas he had had, so they thought of a way to make him see that he had exceeded his request.

Despite this, he did not give up and asked $2,000, something that Riot Games accepted. From there, concept art was created and they liked the idea, but the company knew it was difficult to take it any further. Still, he asked for other $5,000 more to create the 3D models of the characters while the company hoped that the idea would lose because it did not know how to move forward.

That was when Christian dared to ask for $65,000. and with the help of the Fortiche team they created a scene in 2015 where Vi and Jayce were fighting. The team loved how they were expressed and brought to life so much that they wanted to do something else. It was then that they realized that the idea was very serious and there was more than enough material to carry out a pilot for the series.

However, Riot Games was not enough with something simply good, since they wanted it to be perfect or else it would not be successful. That is why the Fortiche team expanded its ranks from a few people to more than 300 employees, including the best animators from all over France for the project.

Production of the pilot episode began in 2016 and will be it took nothing more and nothing less than ten months to animate it all, so there is evidence of the number of years it has taken to produce it. Ultimately, Riot Games came close to canceling it if the story didn’t live up to player expectations, and there was even a consensus that it wouldn’t work for that very reason.

To find out what happened next, we will have to wait for the next chapters of the documentary, which we remember will be published every Thursday afternoon. And if you are one of those who have not yet seen Arcaneyou have the first season available on Netflix while we wait for the second season to arrive, which is already confirmed.

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