What is under the Elden Ring Golden Tree? The huge trunk hides several secrets among its roots

It is one of the most important elements in all of the Midlands. The great golden tree It can be seen from anywhere in the Elden Ring, although it has not benefited the players’ game. In fact, there are those who have chosen to cut it down to improve performance.

However, the huge trunk rests on the ground and it is precisely that place that we cannot explore normally. We do approach it in the capital, Leyndell, but the lower area is not accessible. However, modder Zullie the Witch shows us what exactly the tree is hiding in its roots.

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Using Malenia’s ability, which is gained by defeating her, we can start jumping between platforms in a way that FromSoftware didn’t intend. once down, we can meet Hoarah Louxthe unchained form of Godfrey, one of the game’s final bosses.

This is because he is waiting for his turn to launch into battle, since it is the second phase of the fight against Godfrey himself. He cannot be dealt any damage and he disappears once we have defeated him in a regular game. Surprisingly, the most unusual is found deep in the tree.

Breaking through the crust, a strange creature can be seen below, but there is no collision implemented in the game, so it would be a deadly drop to try to get close. By manipulating the camera, Zullie is able to reach that being, which is neither more nor less than the elden beastthe final boss of Elden Ring.

Curiously, the battle arena against the creature is under the Golden Tree, although if we go down we will be on the other side of the invisible barrier that covers the area. We will not be able to do anything in this place, because not having followed the usual processes to fight the Beast, we will be facing a really peculiar wasteland.

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