We finally know who is the only character who knows the true location of One Piece

It seems that we are getting closer to One Piece

We finally know who is the only character who knows the true location of One Piece 08/09/2022 22:15

One Piece has introduced a great mystery, this article will contain heavy spoilers from the last chapterif you have not read it, we recommend you do it through the application of MangaPlus by Shueisha. Well, there are strong revelations about the main story, now that we know who knows the location of Gol D. Roger’s treasure.

In One Piece chapter 1056, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates are seen about to leave Wano Country after Kaido’s defeat. In the previous chapter, Law and Robin found the Road Poneglyph far below thanks to Kozuki Oden’s grandfather Sukiyaki. While everyone is packing up, Trafalgar D. Law gives Eustass “Captain” Kid and his right-hand man Killer a copy of the Road Poneglyph. In a strange move, Law states that it would not be sporting to keep the discovery of the Poneglyph a secret. Killer reacts to this with surprise and tells Kid that if he are going to take the search for One Piece seriously, they should start by looking for a man “marked by flames“, who knows the location of the treasure.

one piece 1056 kid law trafalgar

In One Piece chapter 1056, it was revealed that there is a character with a “flame-shaped mark” who can know the whereabouts of Gol D. Roger’s treasure.

This information comes out of left field, as within the context of the series, there really hasn’t been a character that has stood out for being burned or branded by flames, much less injured by some major enemy in that way. If this character is new, just like Kid and Killer, readers have no clue who he might be. There is a possibility though, and it may have to do with a character who has become increasingly relevant as the One Piece story moves to the New World. This character would be the former Admiral, Aokiji.

During the two-year timeskip that took place after the events of Marineford, it was revealed that Aokiji was nominated for the role of Fleet Admiral by Sengoku. Despite this, the Heavenly Dragons strongly supported Akainu for this position, something that angered Aokiji. Aokiji refused to work with Akainu and the two fought for ten days straight. on Punk Hazard Island, permanently changing the climate of their cataclysmic conflict. In the end, Aokiji lost and was permanently scarred by Akainu’s magma.

Could Aokiji really know the whereabouts of the One Piece?

However, the chances that Aokiji is in fact the man Kid and Killer were talking about are pretty slim. Although some characters have speculated that Aokiji has since allied himself with the world of underground information brokers or Blackbeard, he has not been seen to care about One Piece. Kid and Killer are more likely referring to another pirate, possibly even Scopper Gaban, the former crewmate of Gol D. Roger, with whom he had a close relationship and with whom he met the One Piece. He could even be a completely new character from Roger’s hacking era, which would excite fans of the saga who have been waiting for something like that.

one piece 1054 luffy shank

In One Piece chapter 1054, it is revealed that Shanks was always aware of Luffy’s devil fruit secret.

Whatever the case may be, One Piece has opened up a huge Pandora’s box by hinting at a character so relevant to the series’ ultimate goal so late in the run. This new secret character is likely to be an incredible source of speculation in the upcoming chapters of the entire series. as Luffy and his team draw ever closer to Gol D. Roger’s legendary treasure. As Eiichiro Oda’s oeuvre heads toward its inevitable conclusion, more and more hints are dropped as to how the story will end. More recently, mention of a mysterious man scarred by flames has shocked the world of the Straw Hat Pirates fandom, as he supposedly has a clue as to where Gol D. Roger’s legendary treasure is hidden and how they might get to it. the.

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