This is PlayStation Stars, the free program that redeems points for games and gives away digital collectibles

More news is coming to PlayStation. The Sony division completely remodeled PlayStation Plus to accommodate new levels and this time the path that opens runs parallel to what we can find in Microsoft Rewards. Forks PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program the sea of ​​succulent.

This totally free system will allow members to get all kinds of prizes and rewards for completing different challenges. Each month we will have a Monthly Participation in which the requirement will be to play a title, win a tournament, get certain trophies or be the first in our region to get platinum.

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What exactly will we get in return? We will accumulate loyalty points, which can be later redeemed as PSN wallet funds and other products from the PlayStation Store. On the other hand, if you are already a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you will benefit from automatically receiving points for shopping in the digital store. Of course, for now we are left without an exact date for its launch, beyond the fact that it will be released in 2022.

digital collecting

That’s right, we will accumulate digital collectibles in our account. They are representations such as figures of characters or legendary Sony consoles. One of the strong points is that some items will be more difficult to obtain than others, so you will have to fight to make them part of your collection.

Grace Chen, vice president of network advertising, loyalty and licensed products at PlayStation, has clarified in an interview with Washington Post the exact nature of these collectibles. According to her, “they are in no way NFTs. Definitely not. They cannot be traded or sold. It doesn’t take advantage of any blockchain technology and certainly not NFTs.”

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