This is one of the few Dragon Ball characters that Goku will never be able to beat.

Dracula was a tough opponent to beat in Dragon Ball.

This is one of the few Dragon Ball characters that Goku will never be able to beat. 08/08/2022 02:00

Although today Goku is one of the strongest anime characters, the truth is that the strength of this character was not always at the current level, since in the original Dragon Ball series this character, which has been revealed as one of Toyotaro’s favorites, had to face several enemies that today they could be defeated very simply. However, in this series there are some who would even put Goku on the ropes.

It was in chapter 99 of Dragon Ball, the original series, when we could see that in the tournament organized by Baba to reveal the location of one of the dragon balls, it featured fighters of all kindsincluding a vampire who was the equivalent of Dracula in this universe.

Dracula could only be defeated thanks to Puar’s transformation ability.


Goku is the great protagonist of Dragon Ball

Thus, Krillin confronted him, but was defeated because this enemy was capable of biting its rivals and absorbing their blood. This is something that even Goku could not have avoided, since he is a character who can dodge attacks by transforming into a vampire, among other abilities.

It had to be Whoever defeated himsince the only thing that prevented him from killing him was his transformation skill, which has already become clear that Goku will never be able to learn, since this character became a hedgehog. In this way, when bitten, the vampire ended up sticking Puar’s spikes and ended up being defeated with strategy rather than force.

Otherwise, it should be noted that Dragon Ball Super manga is still in publication At the same time, the anime ended provisionally after the arc of the Tournament of Power, giving rise to the fact that the adaptation of the first medium in the second has only been seen through the films that have been released during these years. . For all these reasons, it will be necessary to see if it is this year or the next when the return of Dragon Ball Super to Japanese television is announced.

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