revealed the date of its second expansion, Children of the Worm, accompanied by new enemies, weapons and more news

Turtle Rock Studios anticipated for a long time that the content of Back 4 Blood was going to expand in a big way throughout this year. We were able to verify this a few months ago with its first expansion, called Tunnels of Terror, although it was also planned that over time it would receive two more. In fact, we already know all the details of the next one.

The second expansion of the game will respond to the name of Children of the Worm and its launch will take place on August 30th. Those who already have the season pass or have purchased the Deluxe edition or the Ultimate edition will be able to download it from the first day at no additional cost, while the rest will have to go through the box to get it.

One of the biggest news is that it will include a new chapter that will expand the main campaign, in which we can take control of the prophet Dan, a new playable character. In addition, it will only be enough for one member of the group to have the DLC so that the other players can also enjoy this new content.

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Along with all this there will be a new weapon, eight skins to modify the appearance of the characters and another 12 additional skins that will serve to change the appearance of the weapons. To finish off the play, it will also be necessary to face a new threat in the form of humans with very bad fleas and armed to the teeth.

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