What would the X-Men look like if they were an anime? This artist shows the spectacular result

A Twitter drawing turns female X-Men into anime characters.

What would the X-Men look like if they were an anime?  This artist shows the spectacular result 07/08/2022 04:00

The X Men They have undergone numerous changes throughout their history and at different times they have looked truly spectacular. However, almost all of them have been adapted to the style of traditional comics, but that has changed. Now, some of the most iconic female characters that are part of the X Men they have received a new anime-based look that has been done by an artist.

Twitter Drawing Turns Female X-Men Into Anime Characters

When it comes to the world of comics, few franchises are as iconic as the X Men. Since his debut began in the year 1963, the team of mutants has become one of the fundamental pillars of Marvel and a favorite among readers. Now, a fan has taken his love for these characters one step further by transforming his favorite heroines into anime. The artist introduces Honey Badger, Wolverine, Magik and Jubilee in awesome art.

Marvel Brings Back an Iconic Forgotten X-Men Villain

Marvel Brings Back an Iconic Forgotten X-Men Villain

At first, it may seem that these four characters have nothing in common, but that is not the case. All four characters have a connection to Wolverinebelong to the universe of Earth-616 and it seems that they have good defenses against attacks with telekinesis. Although it is true that these characters have not had the same prestige or reputation as other iconic characters such as Logan either Cyclopsthese women have captured the attention of readers with their arsenal of skills and have established themselves as some of the favorites among fans.

Each woman shines on her own with her new look but the set is overwhelming. The anime style combines her original costumes giving them a Japanese touch. The quartet of characters imposes on the viewer and surely everyone who sees it will ensure that the anime does not feel bad for the mutants. In addition, the drawing seems to have liked among the most staunch fans of Marvel. There were many who commented that they would not mind if they made new comics under this line and it is that it suits the characters of the series very well. House of Ideas.

Have some X-Men art pic.twitter.com/c6wTjH0fdE

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