This Is Why The Tomb Raider Movie Sequel Was Canceled

Alicia Vikander had no luck with this tape.

This Is Why The Tomb Raider Movie Sequel Was Canceled 08/07/2022 21:00

In recent months it has been seen that the saga Tomb Raider has had a lot of movementsince although at the beginning of the year the development of a new installment made with Unreal Engine was confirmed, to this was added the fact that the sale of Crystal Dynamics by Square Enix left the saga on the tightrope, although luckily it has been able to continue its course despite recent leaks of its plot.

In any case, although Square Enix has been in charge of suing those responsible for this leak, it is not Lara Croft’s video games that we are going to talk about in this news, but rather about the adaptation of these to the cinemaeven though in the past we have had films starring Angelina Jolie and more recently with a reboot with Alicia Vikander that nothing went well.

There will be no sequel to the Tomb Raider movie due to the fact that MGM has lost the rights to the license

tomb Raider

Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in the latest Tomb Raider movie

Despite the latter, it must be said that, whether it is better or worse, the film by 2018’s Tomb Raider Had Fans Hoping To See A Sequel of the same at some point in the future, thus giving rise to us seeing Alicia Vikander again in the role of the most famous tomb raider in video games, but possibly the most famous in the world counting the rest of the media. leisure and popular worship.

In fact, the news that we have come to tell you can be quite shocking, since, far from wanting to bury the sagait seems that there was an intention to continue the franchise with a sequel that it was not canceled as such, but rather it seems that it took too long in time. And all this is due to the fact that, according to what has recently been known, Metro Golden Meyer lost the rights to the Tomb Raider series.

All this has been due mainly to a very basic factor, since as part of the deal for the transfer of rights, Metro Golden Meyer had to make a movie every so often to renew the licensethis being a very common practice in Hollywood that in the past we have been able to see with sagas such as the Fantastic Four, which launched Fant4stic basically because otherwise the rights would again belong to Marvel and, therefore, to Disney .

Despite intending to make a sequel to Alicia Vikander’s Tomnb Raider, the project has been completely canceled

tomb raider movie sequel

The new Tomb Raider movie already has a director

Regarding what we would have seen from the tape released in 2018, it should be noted that this was a free adaptation of the reboot of the 2013 sagain which we could see a much newer Lara Croft who began to make herself the great heroine of video games that we all know and who ended up counting on a trilogy that pitted her against the Trinity in various parts of the world, including frozen Siberia and the depths of South America.

Likewise, regarding the film released in 2018, it should be noted that this film received mixed reviewsbut it had a box office gross of $274 million on a budget of about $100 million, so in a sense, can be considered a relative success that is very far from what is seen in the UCM with superhero movies, but that is not bad for Metro Golden Meyer. In fact, it was this very success that motivated the study to development of a sequel that already had a director and screenwriters.

Now, speaking of the cancellation of the tape in more detail, this information has been known through The Wrap, who have commented that the expiration of the rights was given on May 1, 2022, as this was Metro Golden Meyer’s deadline to start filming a new Tomb Raider movie. We can already see that this has finally not been fulfilled.

Despite everything, the intention was to start filming in 2023

tomb Raider

The new Tomb Raider game is already in development

In fact, the case can be even more serious and ironic than it seems, since according to what has been known Untitled Tomb Raider Sequel Was Going To Have A Bigger Budget in its production. However, multiple disagreements with actress Alicia Vikander and director and screenwriter Misha Green led to the film being delayed several times. If we add to this the break in Hollywood due to the pandemic and the confinement of COVID-19, we have the perfect recipe.

However, a certain negligence on the part of Metro Golden Meyer cannot be overlooked, since although the rights expired on May 1 this yearthe intention was start filming in 2023this being a date that exceeded the limit established to make the tape, which Square Enix did not sit well at allleading this to the fact that MGM was not wanted to be given a greater margin for the development of the sequel.

Of course, do not think that everything is lost with Tomb Raider and Lara Croft, since, although Alicia Vikander points to not bringing the tomb raider back to life, all the voices point to possible Netflix or Warner Bros projects to make a new adaptation with the film rights. In fact, Amazon could get involved.

Otherwise, it should be noted that Netflix is ​​already working on a Tomb Raider animated series, which could make the film franchise feel at home within the streaming service. Be that as it may, we will have to be patient, since only time will tell what Lara Croft holds in the seventh art or in a series format by any of the current platforms.

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