New PS5 stock is available. Go for your unit of the next generation console from Sony

come back the stock ps5 to stores and here we are ready to go on the hunt for a unit of Sony’s new generation console. It is increasingly common to see the system in stores to be able to buy it.

Now it’s time for several stores. We have several packs available and in the case of Amazon Prime customers they will have priority access. Here are the possible options:

out of stock

  • PS5+ Horizon Forbbiden West + Elden Ring + GT7+ DualSense console for 779.99 euros.
  • PS5 Digital Edition for 399.99 euros. [Agotado]
  • Standard PS5 + Horizon Forbidden West for 559.99 euros. [Agotado]

Console PS5+ Horizon Forbidden West + Elden Ring + GT7+ DualSense

Console PS5+ Horizon Forbidden West + Elden Ring + GT7+ DualSense

If it were the case that the stock does not appear, remember that you can crush F5 and reload the page until it appears. Of course, in case other stores join this new wave, we will update the post with all the information.

In addition, you can usually send your console to the basket of the store, where it will be saved for future occasions. In our buying guide you can be clear about all the possible options to get your PS5, so don’t rush.

Note: some of the links in this article are affiliate links and may benefit VidaExtra.

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