this Mikasa cosplay takes you back to the beginning of the series

An Instagram user has made a Mikasa Ackerman cosplay that brings back those “simpler” times of the series.

Shingeki No Kyojin: this Mikasa cosplay takes you back to the beginning of the series 08/06/2022 16:00

the anime of Shingeki no Kyojin has entered the final phase, while the events that occurred with Mikasa, Armin and other characters are addressed, as well as the entire outcome of the decisions that Eren has made over time. However, to enjoy the conclusion of the work of isayamayou have to wait a little longer MAP has confirmed that the series will continue in 2023.

The current events of Shingeki no Kyojin they have turned the world into a real hell, so it is natural that many characters, and readers, miss those simpler times when this story began. And this has been demonstrated by user Rinne Goddess, who has made a cosplay of Mikasa Ackerman which will take us to the beginning.

It’s important pointing that this post contains spoilers of the Second Part of the Final Season of Shingeki no Kyojin.

This Mikasa Ackerman cosplay promises to bring back the simpler times of the series

Mikasa is the favorite character of many lovers of Shingeki no Kyojin

Mikasa is the favorite character of many lovers of Shingeki no Kyojin

While it is true that Shingeki no Kyojin always stood out for have a world extremely hostile to humanity, with the Titans roaming outside the walls and wanting to eat people; It is also necessary to point out that, in recent seasons, we have seen how this conflict has evolved.

The true enemy of the inhabitants of Paradise Island were never the titans, but the Marleyans, who created the Titans to corner them. In this way, eventually we discover more about these creatures and the Changing Titans. Although, a character who has never needed this transformation is Mikasa Ackerman, because in her genes, she has the equivalent power.

Mikasa is the favorite character of many people around the world, as is the case with the Instagram user Rinne Goddesswho has decided to cosplay the Ackerman girl, wearing the clothing that takes us back to those times simplest in the series.

In this image that the user has shared on her Instagram account, we can see that she is wearing the character’s classic suit when she was part of the Humanity Exploration Corps, with the brown jacket and the rest of the suit. In addition, since she could not be otherwise, also has the scarf that Eren gave Mikasa when they were children.

And to complement this Mikasa cosplay, Rinne Goddess too holds in his hands the blades with which the character eliminated hundreds of Titans, demonstrating his great talent for this task.

But beyond how epic it is, it is also important to note that this costume serves as reminder of those simpler timesto call them in some way, where the purpose of the protagonists was to finish off the Titans and get out of the walls, because now they are involved in a world conflict, a war that will have its outcome in the continuation of this series, which is in charge of MAPPA and that he has promised to return sometime in 2023, to show us more about Eren’s plans with the Rumble.

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