A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player spends 10,000 hours on a challenge and ends up giving up

The internal clock of Smash Bros Ultimate seems to have no limit.

A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player spends 10,000 hours on a challenge and ends up giving up 08/06/2022 21:00

Today it must be taken into account that Super Smash Bros Ultimate is one of the best video games in historythereby giving rise to the Nintendo Switch title having achieved not only sell almost 30 million units all over the world, but there are also millions of fans who have and continue to enjoy the work of Masahiro Sakurai and his team.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

In fact, it should be noted that the title is crossing borders, thereby giving rise to Super Smahs Bros Ultimate being canonical in the Marvel Universe, so you can see the importance and relevance of the video game in popular culture. However, this also gives rise to some fans wanting to get seemingly impossible challengesalthough sometimes you can see that some end up backing down.

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode clock limit is still a mystery.


Super Smash Bros is the biggest crossover in the video game industry

The latter is because Reddit user MushKinPuff has claimed that He’s been leaving his Switch on for years. with the Adventure Mode of the game, The World of Lost Stars, opened, so that the internal clock has been able to continue without pause. All this in order to know if 9999:59 was the limit of the clock, as well as to be able to see what would happen once this figure was exceeded.

However, as recently commented on Reddit, the clock has followed once the aforementioned figure is exceeded, taking this to give up on this challengesince, as confirmed, it would be necessary to have the console turned on for at least 6 years to reach the limit of 16 bits, as well as 10 years to reach 99,999:50 hours. A titanic task that this user is not willing to go through:

For the rest, it only remains to remember that Super Smash Bros Ultimate is available on Nintendo Switch since the end of 2018, thus allowing all users to access not only the large number of characters found in the base title, but also that we already have available all fighters added through DLCsincluding some as emblematic as Sora from Kingdom HeartsByleth from Fire Emblem, Sephirot from Final Fantasy VII, among many others.

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