Wolverine tries to assassinate an important member of the Fantastic Four

The Hulk, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and Spider-Man face off against their friends with deadly consequences.

Wolverine assassinates an important member of the Fantastic Four 08/05/2022 04:00

There are many brutal characters within the marvel universebut many of them are not half as fierce as Wolverine. Throughout many stories, Wolverine has been presented as someone heartbreaking who is capable of solving any type of problem through an excessive use of violence.

Hulk, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and Spider-Man face their friends with deadly consequences

Because of what happened to him in his past and after being used, Wolverine he has created a long list of enemies whom he wants to see dead. Now the well-known mutant has added a member of the 4 fantastic and could have ended his life using his impressive adamantium claws. The Human Torch It has become one of its main objectives.

Finally, some important events involving Wolverine's healing factor are explained.

Finally, some important events involving Wolverine’s healing factor are explained.

New Fantastic Four #3 introduces a curious but interesting team made up of Hulk, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and Spider-Man that are cornered by the citizens of Las Vegas since they have been possessed by dark spirits led by the powerful demon Asmodeus. Among those who have fallen before the infernal powers of Asmodeus it’s found Johnny Stormalso known as the Human Torchwhose distinctive and iconic flames now burn an eerie blue hue.

It will be a very complex battle not only because of the large number of enemies they have to face, but also because they have to fight against their own friends and the consequences can be disastrous. spider-man had to face the member of the 4 fantasticbut could not defeat him since Storm was shot into the very clutches of Wolverine leaving the fate of the Human Torch.

Marvel has corrected one of the mistakes that were made regarding Wolverine

Marvel has corrected one of the mistakes that were made regarding Wolverine

While it is true that Logan did his best to hold back against the citizens of Las Vegas than the same Asmodeus had possessed, he feels that everything would end if all the heroes decide to use their abilities to finish them off. However, this would end the lives of many innocent people who do not know what they are doing.

It is for this very reason that being possessed seems to have given the Human Torch enough head start to survive for the time being. Still, it is not known what the full extent of the new demonic abilities is. Johnnynot even if only they will see Johnny recover from his new injuries caused in a lasting way.

Wolverine X-Men

Wolverine X-Men angry with his enemies

It is not yet known what the consequences of these acts will be and whether Wolverine has been able to kill his friend definitively. The heroes will try to contain this new threat by stopping the attack orchestrated by the demon. Asmodeus causing as few victims as possible.

After the revelation that she had a secret romantic relationship with who was one of the most important love interests of Doctor Doom, victoriousthe villain subdued Johnny to the same radiation that transformed him in the first place. This has left the Human Torch burning indefinitely with no way to turn off its powers with all the consequences that this implies. During the course of Judgment War, reed richards discovered a cure for everything that is happening to Johnny, but it doesn’t seem to work as it should. It is because of this that the Human Torch has apparently completely abandoned the Fantastic four and has chosen to seek a new life throughout the universe.

Wolverine assassinates an important member of the Fantastic Four

Johnny Storm was presented along with the rest of what is considered the first official Marvel grouping in the pages of Fantastic Four #1 which was published in 1961. That comic was written by Stan Lee and illustrated by jack kirby. After being exposed to cosmic radiation during an exploratory voyage through space, Johnny developed fire-based powers that allowed him to become part of the Fantastic four to put them to good use. Despite all that he has accomplished with his abilities, the powers of Johnny They have also become a source of great frustration over the years as the fire is uncontrollable and has been the source of its fair share of scares.

The comic New Fantastic Four #3written by peter david and that has the drawings of Allan Robinsonis now available in comic shops.

Wolverine from X-Men

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