Albert Wesker himself will try to assassinate Ada Wong and Rebecca in the new Dead by Daylight crossover with Resident Evil

Dead by Daylight’s roster of villains and survivors is set to expand a bit further with three new additions thanks to Behavior Interactive’s new asymmetrical multiplayer crossover featuring resident Evil. This will leave us with the fearsome Albert Wesker as the new assassin who will try to annihilate the rest of the players.

His appearance will be based on that of Resident Evil 5 and among his abilities he will be able to use tentacles to attack others, just as he will be able to infect them with the Uroboros virus. What’s more, in the presentation trailer for this new chapter you can see him in full action ready to sow panic.

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Wesker will be joined Ada Wong Y Rebecca Chambers as the two new survivors. In the case of the first, she will wear her iconic red dress with which it is usual to see her, while the second will wear her rescue suit. In addition, she will use the occasion to update the map of the Raccoon City Police Department.

The scenario in question was enabled a long time ago, since it is not the first time that Dead by Daylight looks at the universe resident Evil to expand its content, as it did last year with Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine and the fearsome Nemesis. The only bad thing is that it has not been confirmed when this new DLC will be enabled, that its moment will become the number 25 that the game has received to date.

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