World of Warcraft mobile spin-off has been canceled after three years in development, according to Bloomberg

the universe of warcraft planned to continue expanding with new video games for mobile devices. One of them we have already known about its existence for a few months and it is Warcraft Arclight Rumble, but it was not supposed to be the only one that Blizzard had in hand. However, this mysterious title in question seems to never see the light of day.

This is confirmed by the portal Bloomberg in a post stating that Activision and NetEase have completely canceled a World of Warcraft mobile game that had been in development for the past three years. This has caused a team made up of more than 100 developers to be completely dissolved.

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Apparently both companies did not finish reaching an agreement about the terms and that is why they decided not to go ahead with this project that responded to the code name of Neptune. At first it was going to be an MMORPG, but it wasn’t going to be exactly the same as world of warcraftsince in this case it would be a spin-off set in a different time period.

In fact, it is not the first time that we have come across news of this type, because a few months ago the game of warcraft similar to Pokémon GO that was also running for a total of four years. So Blizzard’s bid to push further into the mobile device market won’t be as strong as anticipated last year.

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