the best movies with intrigues for crew members and impostors

The creators of Among Us have always recognized it: the film of The Thing (translated to The thing in Spain) has been the great inspiration for your successful game. It is not the only one, of course, since we have the classic mob that was a precursor to the mythical The Werewolves of Castronegro, but the enormous influence of the film by John Carpenter in the games. That’s why they are so fast-paced and fun!

Because Among Us is a survival and science fiction game intentionally simple in all its sections, but it is the players themselves who have made it a phenomenon on PCs, mobiles and all video game consoles. Which brings us to two more or less compelling questions. How is it played and what does it have to do with The Thing?

In Among Us several crew members must desperately resupply or fix a drifting ship or a forgotten base. However, among them is an impostor. A murderer. A covert threat that will annihilate them at the slightest carelessness, unless together they are able to deduce his identity by accusing each other.

on paper Among Us It seems simple, but on the other hand there is nothing that prevents lying to the impostor or accusing the innocent. Because in the game of Innersloth it is one’s word against another’s. Sowing doubt with nerves of steel in a truly critical situation. Mounting his own movie. A genius.

Among Us It has a lot of the Carter movie and, for example, here is a scene offered by Universal Pictures itself in which several of the survivors agree to understand what has happened to one of their companions and what their next step will be . A scene that, with a couple of changes, could very well be a game of Innersloth in progress, and that This is a 1982 movie.

“I know that I am human. And if all of you were one of those things, you would all attack me together right now, which is why some of you are still human. That thing doesn’t want to show itself. He wants to hide inside an imitation. He’ll fight if he has to, but he’s vulnerable out in the open. If she captures us, she will have no more enemies, there will be no one left to kill her. And then she will have won.” – MacReady (Kurt Russell)

Among Us: 37 tricks, tips and strategies for Crewmen and Imposters

Just as we did with games like Elden Ring, Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto or Cyberpunk 2077, in Extra Life We have prepared a small selection of movies perfect for fans of Among Us and for different reasons. In some we have taken into account the setting of the game and in others the ability to mislead the viewer about the role of each character. If you want to be the ultimate impostor, maybe you’ll come up with a good idea.

Without further ado, below you will find more than seven movies perfect for fans of Among Us and his experience of intrigue and impostors.

The Thing (1982)

Antarctica, winter 1982. At an experimental station, twelve researchers unearth a mysterious life form frozen for 100,000 years. A “thing” that, upon regaining consciousness, will take the form of one of the investigators to dispose of the rest.

If you have to start a movie in regards to Among Us that has to be The Thing. John Carpenter’s film inspired the game, but it’s also a well-deserved cult classic capable of outshining all manner of sequels, spin-offs, and surrogate ones.

The 1-2 Thing (1982-2001) (BD) [Blu-ray]

The 1-2 Thing (1982-2001) (BD) [Blu-ray]

D-Tox: Killer Eye (2002)

Sylvester Stallone’s career may have been awful for the turn of the millennium, and movies like D-Tox: Killer Eye they made it take longer than necessary to regain its status. Of course, his script could have been used much better.

In D-Tox: Killer Eye Sly himself plays an FBI agent who is admitted to a rehabilitation clinic to treat his alcohol problems. The arrival of winter and a strong blizzard will isolate the center and the appearance of a corpse will set off the alarms. We will have to step out of the way by reason or force.

D-Tox (Killer Eye) [Blu-Ray] [Region B]  (Spanish audio. Spanish subtitles)

D-Tox (Killer Eye) [Blu-Ray] [Region B] (Spanish audio. Spanish subtitles)

Ad Astra (2019)

Brad Pitt leads Ad Astra, a science fiction production in which the intrigue is always above the space setting itself: Pitt is Roy McBride, the son of the famous astronaut H. Clifford McBride, who sets course for Mars on a mission in which life is at stake. life on earth. Of course, fans of Among Us will find interesting twists, accusations, conspiracies and suspicions very well raised throughout the footage.

Ad Astra Blu-Ray [Blu-ray]

Ad Astra Blu-Ray [Blu-ray]

A Werewolf Among Us (2021)

In case of A werewolf among uss deserves a separate mention. This suspense comedy has a structure so similar to a game of Among Us because, deep down, they are born from the same idea of ​​a social game: it is actually an adaptation of the video game Werewolves Within from Ubisoft.

Launched in 2017, Werewolves Within proposes a group of players to exchange accusations and theories using Virtual Reality systems, more or less following the rules of Mafia or The werewolves of Castronegro. A small sample of that Ubisoft that does not tremble at being experimental.

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Reservoir Dogs is one of Quentin Tarantino’s most influential films, and in a way that influence prevails in Among Us: Six Criminals Going By the Name of Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue and the Mr. Brown they decide to take part in a big hit. They all dress the same, but they don’t look alike at all.

The second act completely changes the tone of the film: some members of the gang have fallen after the robbery and the rest will be cornered in an old abandoned warehouse. Is one of them an undercover cop? He will have to find out the hard way, at gunpoint or through various tortures.

reservoir dogs [Blu-ray]

10 Cloverfield Street (2014)

Howard (played by John Goodman), Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Emmett (John Gallagher, Jr.) share a forced stay in a kind of post-apocalyptic refuge. And the truth is that this is the only thing that the three protagonists of 10 Cloverfield Street in common.

The three must agree to carry out the daily routines, but that does not mean that, beyond the fact that the world seems to have gone to hell, it seems that Howard hides a series of disturbing secrets from his guests. Or, rather, forced tenants. What is true and what is not in this nightmare?

10 Cloverfield Lane (4K Ultra-HD) (+ Blu-ray 2D) [Blu-ray]

10 Cloverfield Lane (4K Ultra-HD) (+ Blu-ray 2D) [Blu-ray]

Scream: Watch Who’s Calling (1996)

the horror master Wes Craven revitalized through the saga scream calls the genre of psycho films while bringing to the viewer’s eye all the clichés of the underrated subgenre of cinema. Of course, the way in which he did it was masterful: in Scream: Watch Who’s Calling any of the protagonists could be the murderer or the next victim.

Scream - Watch Who's Calling - BD [Blu-ray]

Scream – Watch Who’s Calling – BD [Blu-ray]

The Hateful Eight (2015)

Tarantino combined the best of his entire filmography into one film and, in the process, pulled an instant classic out of his hat: The Hateful Eight It is a western with successful touches of black comedy that takes place almost entirely in a Haven. In it, criminals, bounty hunters, convicted fugitives, executioners and even a Confederate will be forced to spend the night until a blizzard lets them go about their business.

Far from putting aside their differences until the weather subsides, the eight inhabitants of the refuge will start a succession of pranks and improvised alliances in which gestures and carelessly caught lies are as decisive as speed when drawing a revolver.

The Hateful Eight Blu-Ray [Blu-ray]

The Hateful Eight Blu-Ray [Blu-ray]

Extra Ball: Alien, the Eighth Passenger (1979)

The setting, the continuous suspense and the masterful tension of Alien, the Eighth passenger, Ridley Scott’s film, give a lot of identity and settle the tone of Among Us. Spend there is room for dialogue, unexpected turns by the crew of the USCSS Nostromo and that little point of terror that gives more emotion to the whole.

Survival is also present in both works, of course, although it must be recognized that the legacy of the Alien saga in video games has been able to portray much better that groundbreaking atmosphere that forever revolutionized the seventh art. In any case, Alien It could not be missing from our list, even if it was as an Extra Ball.

Alien (In space no one can hear you scream) [Blu-ray]

Alien (In space no one can hear you scream) [Blu-ray]

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