I’ve saved the world of GTA Online from gas inflation and my reward is a pat on the back from the IAA

I do not like the INC neither him FBI. I really appreciate the work they do, safeguarding the interests of citizens, of the United States and putting a bullet in the head of whoever it takes to achieve their goal. They have clear priorities, of course.

In GTA Online we have the equivalent, whether it’s the IAA or the IBF, who do nothing but poke my nose whenever they can. However, now they are the ones who demand my help and the worst thing is that I cannot refuse. The Criminal Enterprises had a string of missions up its sleeve and everything to dictate the new world economic order.


While my busy life in the underworld goes by between shots, I get a ULP Agent call. A whole high position of the IAA that puts me in a situation: the Duggan family, those sons of a hyena who are dedicated to amassing more money than Scrooge McDuck, are making the price of gasoline go through the roof.

Surely more than one curses an oil company every time they have to go to refuel at the gas station and it is not for less. GTA Online It is no stranger to the situation that the real world suffers and Rockstar is very clear that the way to reflect misfortune is through a good joke. In some way, everything is related to the events of the Doomsday Heist.

A part of what Los Santos has to offer that I haven’t touched on yet, but I do know that Thorton Duggan he’s the pathetic corporate cowboy I stole a few hundred thousand dollars from his casino. Be that as it may, I put myself under the orders of the IAA, but this time I am not working alone.

GTA Online

My fellow sufferer is Alberto Martín, the tireless key pounder who offers you the best guides on VidaExtra. As long as I’m half as good with a pistol as writing the guide that got me platinum from Elden Ring, this will be a piece of cake.

You have to swear to the American constitution in a peculiar way, in which practically I commit to launch nuclear missiles in Ethiopia if required. I work as a clandestine agent, so the answers in the Hague court will have to be answered by others, not me.

In the first contact I feel again that pleasure of being able to talk to someone while I play. Damn, I miss him more than Marco misses his mother and the truth is that I appreciate it. Alberto is relentless and we both understand each other perfectly.

Arena War is a paradise to unload rage in GTA Online: my therapy is sending cars to the junkyard like Mad Max

it gets hot

The Duggans’ henchmen don’t mess around. They are willing to do anything, even gassing us while we are in an apartment gathering information. They are so crazy that they leave us inside a van with a bomb about to explode.

Alberto gets behind the wheel while I try to remember the lessons of that explosives course that I never signed up for. He closed his eyes, cut one of the wires and got us out alive. With a couple of swerves we threw the mob off the scent and received a $35,200 reward.

GTA Online

I could go on quoting the figures that GTA Online He has decided that they are fair for these missions, but they are between 25,000 and 45,000 dollars. While the loot increases from previous heists is more than enough, there is little reason to go back to everything the game has to offer. Operation Technological Trail. As fun as its six missions are, don’t expect to fill your pockets at large.

They are simple missions, such as the third one, in which you have to find and rescue Agent Johnson in the middle of the Paleto Bay desert. A way to get some easy quarters and in which with practice you will not have to spend much ammunition.

Of course, remember that in any case you have to have a good firepower. I have been suffering since my beginnings in GTA Online of an absolute lack of arsenal and I insist on not going to the store to buy a good RPG. Luckily, Alberto is not as stupid as I am and thanks to him we managed to send a few helicopters that did not stop bothering us.

the final streak

The ULP Agent makes it clear to us with each report after the missions that the moment of the definitive show is approaching. We are tightening the fence around Mason Duggan, who is taking advantage of an AI named Cliffford to put the highest possible price on gasoline.

GTA Online

The next stop for Alberto and me is the building under construction in the middle of Los Santos. If there were realistic injuries in GTA OnlineI assure you that right now we would be a Gruyere cheese. A hell of bullets, in which they try to comb our bangs with machine guns.

Gradually climbing each floor and dying along the way, we manage to reach the roof to intercept Duggan, who does not think twice about fleeing in his helicopter. lucky that Alberto fries the propellers enough to force him to land on another building. The amount of lead that flies through the air is so incessant that we do not think about it and jump into the void to stay alive.

Duggan has nowhere to go now, especially if he takes a shotgun to the jaw from me. I pick up the merchandise and we run away, but now he has to fight on my own. Homemade dinner claims my faithful comrade and that is indeed an unavoidable mission.

Point and end to the IAA operation. A silo in the middle of Mount Chiliad which I arrive with a helicopter facilitated by the organization. I couldn’t figure out the name, but it’s a delight to drive; It seems to cut through the air like a knife. I enter the complex and the problems begin.

The damn GTA Online It has become a survival horror. I see less than Plato in his damn cave and I can barely see what I have two feet away thanks to the flare I carry on my back. To make matters worse, some really gloomy titans are scattered through the corridors, causing the corresponding mini heart attack.

GTA Online

After collecting four fuses with no little patience, I reach a large area, like offices and several floors. Apparently I have to finish off the remnants of Cliffford that are still surfing some net, which I do in no time. The best gift I get from this part of The Criminal Enterprises is a marvelous gatling From the hands of the titans I have slain.

And it didn’t take long to put it to the test. As soon as I got out of the silo, an enemy helicopter started shooting, destroying my aerial vehicle. Although it is reinforced, those vultures are not able to withstand the power of 100 bullets spit out per second.

I parachute down Mount Chiliad, submit the information, and am automatically discharged from the IAA. It is seen that I have helped my country, but I will not be decorated in any way. The agency reserves any right of readmission and without prior notice. I will not discuss the terms and conditions, I have never done it in my life and less when I have had so much fun.

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