Arcane, the League of Legends animated series, will have its own making-of documentary

The premiere of the Arcane animated series on Netflix turned out to be quite a surprise. Its nine chapters managed to completely win us over with this excellent adaptation of the League of Legends universe, hence it is understandable that they wanted to renew it for a second season that at the moment does not have a date for its publication.

Without a doubt, this has also helped more people to get to know the Riot Games MOBA or even be encouraged to delve into it. In any case, starting tomorrow we will be able to check how their episodes were carried out thanks to a series of videos in the form of a making-of which will be distributed starting tomorrow.

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In total there will be five chapters that will be released on the official League of Legends channel. The first of them will be available on August 4 from 5:00 p.m. in Spain and every seven days we will have the opportunity to see a new one. Moreover, in the trailer that you have accompanying the news we can take a look at a preview of what awaits us.

Thanks to this kind of documentaries we will be able to discover how the script was conceived, how the different main characters were drawn, how their animations were made, how their soundtrack was composed and another series of very curious details to get to know in depth the enormous work behind Arcane.

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