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Two Point Studios pleasantly surprised us a few years ago when they released Two Point Hospital, which was considered to be the spiritual successor to the mythical Theme Hospital. Since then it has not stopped improving the game in a big way with countless updates and expansions that it has been publishing, but the company wanted to take it a step further and try something different.

That led him to develop Two Point Campus, in which on this occasion hospitals are replaced by universities. Thus, we will have to take charge of completely managing these venues, which will be attended by hundreds of students willing to study some of the crazy courses that are taught.

In my case, I have decided to become the manager of one of these faculties for a few hours, so I am going to tell you how my visit went during the first seven hours that I have played to this new installment of the franchise.

What I have loved most about Two Point Campus

The multitude of rooms and activities to build

Two Point Campus 05

So far I’ve only played the first two levels of the game and part of the third. In the case of the first two they do the tutorial function to learn all the basic concepts and the truth is that during the first ones the game offers you a huge avalanche of concepts and details to take into accountsomething that at first can be somewhat overwhelming.

However, you can rest assured, because there is nothing like playing to understand without problems how everything works when it comes to building the different rooms that we will find in the buildings and the places where the classes will be taught. In this sense, if you come from Two Point Hospital you will not find many surprises because the mechanics are practically identical.

The truth is that I was fascinated the huge amount of rooms that there are to build from the beginning, starting with the classrooms in which the teachers will teach the basic concepts and from there moving on to the rooms where they will attend classes. In addition, rooms must also be created for students and teachers to rest after a hard day of work and study, as well as bathrooms, showers, etc.

Playing Two Point Hospital with a controller on Xbox Game Pass has reminded me how much I enjoyed Theme Hospital on PlayStation

And there will not be everything, because the facilities must not be neglected either, so it will be necessary to place soft drink and food machines, litter bins, benches for people to sit on, plants to give the premises a greener appearance and an infinity of elements with which we can give our personal touch to the university to make it unique.

The crazy classes that are taught

Two Point Campus 02

If there was something that caught my attention Two Point Hospital the diseases were so absurd that the title presented us, so in this game the team has once again shown off its ingenuity. Do not think that they will go to elbow-pounding classes without further ado, because here it is the opposite. So I have come across the most varied degrees that are far from what you see in a real university.

So far I have seen a virtual reality in which students get into a kind of video game inside a dome or climb on chairs to enjoy all kinds of experiences. Precisely to this I have also discovered other classrooms with pots as big as a living room in which they are dedicated to cooking dishes that could perfectly feed a hundred people.

This is just a small appetizer, because in videos that have been distributed the existence of espionage, chivalry or even magic courses has been revealed, so that you can get an idea of ​​how peculiar universities can be, although in my game I have not seen them yet. Of course, what I have found has been with alumni associationswith groups showing their passion for athletics or others for taking a good nap.

The infinity of hours that we can spend in front of the screen

Two Point Campus 03

Anyone who has come to play at three different levels in Two Point Campus It does not mean that the first two have been completed. This is because each phase will have its own challenges that will encourage us to complete them and that will require time to carry them out. So I have seen cases in which they asked me to practice good hygiene, win contests, set up festivals, etc.

The objectives to be met are varied enough so that we do not have the feeling of constantly doing the same thing, especially if we intend to meet all the needs of groups of students and teachers. In any case, in the long run this will reward us with stars, up to a maximum of three per level, but with the first one it will be enough to travel to the next campus.

In any case, we can return to the previous one whenever we want to continue perfecting it as much as we want. Especially since in the long run we will be unlocking more courses, rooms and items that will be essential for the old campuses to become even better. In short, it could be said that the game has no end or that you can spend dozens and dozens of hours to get three stars in the same phase.

What has not convinced me so much about Two Point Campus

An excessive number of requests to fulfill

Two Point Campus 04

I have previously emphasized that students and teachers from time to time will be making requests about how they would like there to be a certain type of bed in the rest rooms, a certain bookcase in the library or a certain bush outside the university. However, this in turn has a serious problem.

The point is that there are not particularly few occasions when we will be commissioned to acquire items that can only be obtained with Kudos, an in-game currency that can only be obtained by completing challenges or achievements and many times we cannot do anything to get hold of this currency at full speed. Therefore, this implies that sometimes the requests will go to waste.

More than anything because I have met very selective students who did not ask for a simple flowerpot, but rather wanted a fairly expensive arcade machine or a bed that anyone would want to sleep on for their comfort. Therefore, I have not always been able to meet the needswhich leads to discontent on the part of the students that affects their happiness and performance.

A bit confusing menu

Two Point Campus 06

The first two levels take you a little by the hand when starting to design the universities, telling you which classrooms you must build or what essential elements must be in each one, since there are certain items that should not be missing in the rooms if we want to generate them, but the game only helps you with the most basic concepts. This itself implies that to discover all the ins and outs and possibilities we must look for the beans.

Once you perform certain actions you start to get used to navigating through the menu. That does not mean that there are certain sections that I have had a hard time locating, moving around or understanding them in depth. I also suppose that based on playing the story it will change completely, although for example when I had to ask for a loan because I had no money I got it thanks to the fact that the same thing happened in Two Point HospitalNot because the game told me to.

Either way, so far I’m having a great time at Two Point Campus and I really want to continue building universities and see what more challenges future levels will pose for me, so soon I will tell you how my experience has gone in the analysis that you can read here in VidaExtra.

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