This 2.1 sound system has a great in the industry behind it and costs less than 80 euros

This sound bar is especially complete and cheap to live an unparalleled experience in your games.

This 2.1 sound system has a great in the industry behind it and costs less than 80 euros 03/08/2022 14:01

Many of us usually play our games on PC or console with wireless or wired gaming headsets so as not to disturb the cohabitants. But when we want to enjoy a much more forceful, deep and natural sound, we must have this 2.1 sound system at home that today drops to 89.99 €78.80 on Amazon.

It is a Sound bar of one of the sound card manufacturers most mythical and that are still at the top right now, Creative. The sound bar is accompanied by a generous subwooferwith which we will achieve that the high, medium and low frequencies go separately, this further enriches the overall sound.

Creative Stage 2.1

Buy the Creative 2.1 system for less than 80 euros

Creative Stage 2.1

Creative has experience to spare in sound, and this 2.1 team is the most

Whether you are going to use it to listen to music, movies, series or play your favorite titles on PC or desktop console, this sound bar is the best you will see on the market for less than 80 euros right now. The sound bar integrates two midrange speakers which will act as acute. For its part, the subwoofer will only emit low frequencies, I recommend placing it on the ground to one side of the TV cabinet or monitor. Total add 160 W of maximum powersomething unusual for a system of only less than 80 euros.

It is accompanied by a remote control from which we can change all the sound parameters, as well as the sources of origin. At the level of connections we have 3.5mm jack input, optical input and USB port to be able to play songs on MP3 format. Be careful, this USB only reads FAT32 format and up to 32 GB capacity. On the other hand, we have wireless connectivity Bluetooth version 2.1just to play music from the mobile with some latency, but it will be heard perfectly.

I bought this sound bar to play with my PS4 in the living room.

If you are looking for something simple, powerful and that meets a not very big room (10-20 m²), this Creative sound bar with subwoofer is the best you can buy right now for less than 80 euros. You will listen to the dialogues with a greater clarity because the bass is not output from the same source. On their side, the basses are deep (minimum 55 Hz), which will make you immerse yourself in the action of the game, movie or series you watch.

Creative Stage 2.1

The sound bar has measures 55 x 7.8 x 7 cm and an approximate weight of 1.2 kg. For its part, the subwoofer weighs slightly more than 3 kg and measures 11.5 x 25 x 42 cm. The supported sound codec is SBCso we can play songs from up to 768Kbpsan acceptable quality considering that the maximum music quality offered by Spotify is 320 Kbps.

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