I didn’t know that mixing Castlevania and Doom was a good idea, but this free game for PC has turned out to be a gem

While researching mods I came across an idea that had gone completely under my radar. A Castlevania fan had ported the original NES game to the GZDOOM platform. He had turned the adventures of Simon Belmont into a third person shooter with the engine of the first Doom.

If it calls your attention minimally and you want to go blind, Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny is it availabe free (although with the possibility of donating whatever you want to support the creator) through itch.io. Of course, the game requires the free GZDOOM platform to play it.

We owe the origin of Need for Speed ​​to a car magazine born in 1947

It’s amazing how the idea works so well. With the whip as the main weapon, the game grows all the time with new items, enemies and bosses. It could be a Steam game without any problem and, in fact, we have seen things there far below this gem.

Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny It has four years behind it, but for some reason it remained in the shadows for a good while until it started to explode at the beginning of last year. It would have been a shame if this fell into oblivion.

If you are relatively skilled you can air it in just under an hour, as shown by the creator’s own speedrun that you have below. Pay close attention to the details based on bonuses and secondary weapons because they are not wasted.

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