Eric Barone shares a new image and more news about Haunted Chocolatier, his next game

Taking into account the brutal success that Stardew Valley has achieved, it is perfectly understandable that the expectation about the next work of Eric Baron be whole. Haunted Chocolatier is back on show for the first time in months.

Since its presentation we have been waiting for any news and this time its creator has given us an image. It is little material, but thanks to it we can see that the artistic line with respect to his previous work is maintained.

haunted chocolatier screenshot

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All in all, Barone has taken the trouble to answer quite a few questions on his personal Twitter account about what we can expect from such a sweet game. He assures that is investing all his efforts in the workwhich marks a new goal of ambition for the developer, who has improved a lot as a creator in the last decade.

As to whether there is any link between stardew valley Y Haunted Chocolatier, Barone explains that it will be a game with its own identity, so it cannot be classified as a second installment of the farm title. Of course, he does recognize that certain aspects of the lore may be connected, although he has not specified how.

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In terms of price, it will not cost more than stardew valley, but will be around a similar cost. The soundtrack is also in the hands of Barone, although he points out that it is most likely that let’s not see a version for mobile devices.

We will certainly have room for cultivation, although that will not be the main focus of the work, which will have a nerve center of action such as the enormous old castle in which your character lives. In addition, Barone confirms that we will be able to put on hats and that the game will probably weigh less than 1GB.

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