the creators of FIFA will become the sponsors of the Spanish football competition

The 2022/2023 football season is just around the corner, but when it ends in a few months it will leave us with a very important changeas Banco Santander will no longer be the main sponsor of LaLiga Santander, as the Spanish First Division soccer competition is currently known.

After a contract that has been active for the last seven seasons, we already know which company will take over. As well you have advanced Brandwill be EA Sports the company that will become the official sponsor of the Spanish championship starting next season, which will start in August 2023.

Initially, the name will become LaLiga EA Sports, in the absence of it being made official. The contract will last for five seasons with an investment of around 30 million euros per year, a fairly considerable increase compared to the 17 million provided by Banco Santander in order to further promote LaLiga in Spain and in the rest of the world.

Without a doubt, this contract could not come at a more opportune moment, since we must not forget that another great change that will take place next year is the fact that EA Sports will drop the name of FIFA by that of EA Sports FC. Thus, it will be a better way to publicize this new brand in video games and in the real world.

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In addition, LaLiga is convinced that thanks to this agreement they will gain greater attention worldwide due to the reach that EA Sports has, especially in the young public thanks to the games of FIFA. Likewise, its intention is to delve further into the technological and digital field and in the way of interacting with fans.

On the other hand, with this new agreement there will also be changes to the logo, a face lift in the graphics of the retransmissions of soccer that are realized, as well as in the sources and other visual aspects. In fact, all of this will be identical to what we will see in the future EA Sports FC in order to obtain a greater sense of realism in video games.

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