MGM loses the rights and Alicia Vikander will no longer be Lara Croft

The Tomb Raider movie starring actress Alicia Vikander was supposed to have a sequel that was underway, it even had a director and screenwriter who was going to deal with this sequel. However, the lack of news about the project was somewhat strange and everything has ended with it won’t work out in the end.

In the last hours the news has come to light that MGM, the production company that was in charge of Tomb Raider 2, has lost the film rights of the franchise. According to our colleagues from Espinof (via TheWrap), the company had until May to renew them, but it has let so much time pass that it will no longer be able to do anything with the Lara Croft saga.

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This situation leaves us with the fact that MGM will not be able to produce any Tomb Raider film and at the same time we will not see Alicia Vikander playing this intrepid archaeologist again. However, this does not mean that it is the end of the franchise on the big screen, because an auction has started to see which production company manages to get the rights.

At the time of writing the news the name of any of the studies that might be interested has not been indicated in working on this adaptation, so it’s still too early to know when we’ll have news of the future of tomb Raider On cinemas. Of course, we must not forget that the saga will arrive on Netflix sooner or later with its own animated series.

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