When will Rick and Morty come to MultiVersus? Your new map is now available

Despite the fact that there are several MultiVersus characters that I already have my eye on after the latest leaks, the two that I look forward to the most are without a doubt rick and morty. The problem is knowing if I have enough time to accumulate coins for your release date.

After a recent challenge in which the team of MultiVersus asked players to reach 10 million bans to launch the new map inspired by the Adult Swim duo, Warner’s game has once again proven its success.

In just over 2 hours and 50 minutes, the required 10 million expulsions were completed and, to everyone’s surprise, the rick and morty map based on the cromulon invasion of the Get Schwifty episode is now available.

When will we be able to play Rick and Morty in MultiVersus?

To know when will Rick & Morty arrive at MultiVersus to be able to enjoy your own stage with both characters it seems that you will have to wait, at least, until the next August 9.

From the team of MultiVersus confirmed that rick and morty they would land among the roster of characters from the first season of the game and, as we already know from the clues in the current battle pass, that will be the second Tuesday of August.

Rick And Morty Multiversus

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Now it remains to be seen if Rickwhich will fall into the category of Wizard being able to shoot and summon Meeseeks, and Mortywhich will do the same in the Bully -presumably making use of his already mythical giant arm from the chapter of the third season inspired by Mad Max-, they arrive just for the launch of the season or we have to wait a little longer.

From the outset, the rumors and leaks speak of Morty landing between August 8 and 9 and Rick arriving a bit later in the course of the season.

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