Put to sea, corsairs!

Put to sea, corsairs!

Once again, we are willing to offer you some freshness through some screenshots. And I’m not kidding: last week, via our Discord serverwe ask you to send us images in which the blue color was predominant and it turns out that the ones that have reached us are very refreshing.

The person in charge of opening this article is the test. Belongs to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and sent it to us AJLuque, one of the usual ones in this section. You have to put your imagination to the matter, of course, but if you think very strongly that you are on that boat taking a pleasant walk, well, hey, something cool is coming.

We continue with another catch. In this case, it has been sent to us Zeus1992 and it belongs, if our eyes do not fail us, to the Ghost of Tsushima:


You will not complain, this one is even cooler than the Black Flag one.

Lastly, we wanted to bring another catch more than the ones you sent us AJLuque. It belongs to Prey and well, in space you already know that a lot of heat, unless you are too close to a star, does not exactly:


And here we leave it for today, but not without first wishing you that you end the weekend in the best possible way and that the next seven days are better than the ones we left behind.

Pay attention to our Discord serverwhere we will propose a new theme for next week’s screenshots.

Thank you very much for your participation.

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