A thief is caught on camera burglarizing a Twitch streamer’s house

The thief turned out to be a reckless neighbor who came in to steal a drink from the streamer’s fridge.

A thief is caught on camera burglarizing a Twitch streamer's house 07/31/2022 23:00

With the advent of technology and a wide range of devices for the home, things have definitely changed for the world. And these changes are here to stay, of course.

Although, as expected, there are those who enjoy these services more than others and give them different uses. Among them, smart homes, solving some of the most common problems of daily life -and, in case you were wondering, we are referring to the infinity of information, content and tutorials that we can find on platforms like YouTube and everything is so simple How to click on the search engine.

On the other hand, there are those who simply have their mobile devices to connect with friends, distant relatives, attend to work matters or check their pending in an electronic agenda (quite contrary to the past, in which people still had to write everything down on paper ). Above all, after the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use given to the network is much more diverse. The arrival of the “home office” acquired great importance for Internet users who no longer only use it for entertainment.

Regardless of the use that Internet users give to technological tools, with their pros and cons, now there is the possibility of monetizing your experiences with books, gameplays, and basically any kind of content that you want to share with other users.


Content creation is a big draw on the internet

This is not exclusive to online jobs derived from the pandemic, however, it did considerably increase interest in platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. In which, content creators have been in charge of showing their talents or sharing their experiences through live broadcasts for users looking to have a good time browsing the Internet.

In this sense, most of the appeal of Twitchunlike other platforms, is that live streaming is more intimate to the user than other forms of web content. Live streamers can interact with their fans in real time and allow them to see a little of the streamer’s life. However, although the content is varied enough, the interaction between the streamer and his fans is quite deep, so that it could be said that they invite them to their homes virtually.

Although this kind of invitation may seem close, it does not imply that people should actually show up in person at the streamer’s house or, worse, get into it without permission. What happened to a streamer and, thanks to the camera, he was able to capture the exact moment someone was robbing his house. And, to make matters worse, it was during a liverstream.

A robbery during a Twitch live stream

At the beginning of the month -or, on July 11-, the Portuguese streamer Karrii, neglected her Twitch stream for a moment while she was going to unload some suitcases inside her car. About an hour and three minutes into his livestream, we can see an open door with a view of his dog. Y, After a minute of having disappeared from the view of his fans, an unknown man entered the scene, stopping at the door and looks around for a few seconds before entering Karii’s house. Meanwhile, viewers can hear the noises she makes inside the house before fleeing for good. In this link can you watch the video.


Like is logic, the chat freaked out at the intruder and started alerting the streamer, who initially believes it’s a prank. The seven and a half hour broadcast continues as planned and the audience quickly forgets what happened. Later on the 27th he discovered the theft, when he was editing some of his videos. He immediately realized that it was a neighbor who came in unannounced and took a canned drink from his fridge. So he shared it with his audience with a “wtf” reaction followed by the video of the thief.

Of course, the incident didn’t escalate and it’s hard to get upset over a drink. However, the Twitch streamer clarified that in the future she will talk to her neighbors to prevent situations like these from happening. And, in addition, it is a reminder that you have to keep an eye on the doors while they are open.

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