PT’s terrifying demo has been recreated in Halo Infinite’s Forge mode

343 Industries continues to work on the future updates that Halo Infinite will receive and that will bring news such as the forge mode. However, some users have found a way to access an unfinished version of this editor thanks to the cooperative campaign beta, which has allowed them to start making their own.

One of the best cases we have in the user death templerwho hasn’t thought of anything else but to grab the PT demo and recreate it in this Halo game mode. It has even left us with a video to check how it looks, with its creepy corridors that have made us go through so many bad times.

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It is clear that being equipped with a firearm helps to advance through the stage, things as they are, but the truth is that the setting is very well achieved. Especially considering that it is not a definitive version of the Forge mode and that therefore the tools that its creator has had access to are somewhat limited.

Still, its creator Has promised that in the future is to recreate one in an even more faithful way the demo of PT He even wants to make it so similar to the point where Konami requests that it be removed. However, you probably have to wait until september for itwhich is when the open beta of Forge mode is scheduled to be released.

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