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Discord is already fully integrated into Xbox consoles and that makes the communication options of Microsoft consoles very easy. yet better and much more interesting, especially with the rise of crossplay. Discord has become one of the greatest references when it comes to building communities and communicating with players from all over the world. We know because in Extra Life We have our own server. It’s more, We invite you to join.

In this simple guide we are going to help you take the first steps from your Xbox console: from how to create a Discord account to how to connect it from the console or your mobile, going through the best of all: what you can do with the Discord app. Discord on your Xbox.

How do I create a Discord account?

The first step to take into account is to create a Discord account. You can do it through the official website (it won’t take too long) on ​​PCs or through the mobile or tablet apps. At VidaExtra we offer you all the comforts, so here are the links so you can download the Discord app, open it in browsers or install it on your device.

Once you have completed this step and have the console updated to the latest version (you can do it manually from settings), you already have everything you need to associate your console with Discord.

What can you do with Discord? The following guide will come in handy.

Discord starter guide: what you can and can't do with it

How do I connect my Xbox to Discord in the easiest way

Once you have the updated console and with the latest version, the process to associate Discord with the console is simple:

  • You press the Xbox button in the center of the controller to bring up the vertical menu bar.
  • You access the Groups and Chats tab (the third from the left) and go down to where it says “Try Discord Voice on Xbox”
  • Finally, a new screen will appear in which you will be given two options: scan a QR code or access the web from your mobile.

Once you have started the process from your mobile device and with the discord app, the connection process will start in which the only requirement is that you associate your Microsoft account (the one you use for your Xbox profile) to the Discord app .

Discord Xbox Account Linking Screen Final 163b864e3fc1770a6977

Once the process is complete, all that remains is to manage the permissions and everything will be properly connected and ready to use.

Discord VidaExtra

What can I do with Discord from the Xbox app

Discord 1

Although Discord was present on Xbox, the great advantage of its full integration into the current version of the console is that we can manage chats and groups much more efficiently. Which is a huge advantage when playing crossplay. So:

  • From Discord for Xbox we can have voice chats with users from any deviceeven if these are not in our games.
  • We will can communicate with users of public servers or private servers ours or our contacts. Something very interesting for titles that offer cross-play such as Minecraft, Call of Duty, Fortnite or FIFA.
  • We will can manage chat, volume or mute with a simple setting. And in a very specific case, even report to Discord itself.
  • In addition, we can adjust parameters such as the screen overlay and other specific settings from the options of the tab itself.
  • Also, from the Discord app it will be possible to see our activities (if we enable it) with which other players can participate and join our games or chats.

The current version of Discord is in beta (test) phase, so new features are expected to arrive and the service will be improved between now and the final version.

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