Valve introduces a subtle but significant change in how games can be advertised on Steam

There is always something new around the corner for Steam. Valve’s digital store has announced an important modification for the visual resources that the developers use on the platforms. For example, when we enter the main page, we will see that everything is filled with titles with their corresponding images to illustrate.

We usually talk about conceptual art or promotional images that, in many cases, contain press reviews and ratings given by the community. Seeking that “customers find games to buy and play on Steam in the clearest and most direct way possible”, the use of such elements will be prohibited.

They clarify from the company directed by Gabe Newell that the names of the games are sometimes too small, the image is overloaded with prizes and even outdated ratings are added. In addition, to all this we must add that many times the text is written only in English.

From Steam they understand that this type of content is reserved for other spaces in the store. All of the above, along with phrases showing that the game is on sale, advertising for sequels, and resources linked to other products, will be prohibited.

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The right to include text will be reserved in two situations. The first is the name of the game itself, with its corresponding subtitle if it has one, and the second is as long as refers to an update, DLC or season pass relevant to the work.

All these measures will come into force from September 1, 2022. In case of non-compliance, visibility in the store will be limited and the participation of the game in official events and sales will be prohibited.

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